The matriarchy speaks!

Watch out, guys. ‘Real women’ are (apparently) something else….

Whilst cruising around the ‘net, I came across this peach of an article – one which struck a nerve:

real men.jpg

Now, I like this because it’s true – oh so true. And I as a real woman really would appreciate it! But no! We can’t have that bcuz:


Now, what if I reverse this, and write:

Real MEN provide. Real women RESPECT it.

Can you see what she’s doing wrong here? She’s taking a superior tone – can you imagine the furore if the sign had read that?

Well the ‘wimin’ of North Carolina are in uproar, so much so that they are planning to hold a protest the against the sign in Winston-Salem, and are planning to put up their own signs all around the town.

I despair of my (ungrateful) sex sometimes. Where is the love, ladies? Where is the love?

You can read the rest of the sorry tale here: Link

God Bless you


White race doomed – and here’s a few examples as to why….

Oh this depresses me. When I see anti-child/anti parenthood articles in the Daily Mail, well you know this is designed to continue to advance the narcissistic ‘me, me, me’ generation, and their continual reference to self in every decision. You see once upon a time children were a natural part of life you just got on with – you had kids, it wasn’t really optional, and in fact you were considered to be unnatural if you didn’t want them, and an object of pity if you couldn’t have them. Once birth control made them optional, the narcissism of choice took over. Why spend your money on a child when you could have a foreign holiday every year?

Today that narcissism pours out all over the internet. (source)


Yes, raising kids is hard work, I’m sure. I was never blessed in that way – I was one of the duped generation. But when I see these women who have children spilling the beans online about how they wish they had never had them, I think they are incredibly odd. I can imagine having times when you wonder why you bother – you know, the terrible twos and the terrible teens, but the love, you see, I cannot imagine that not overcoming it all.

I wonder if caesarean section births are to blame for this – they impact both mother and baby in ways the medical profession refuses to acknowledge (they can cause developmental delay in the child, which looks a lot like ADHD, and they can impair bonding from the mother, as the hormones released through normal birth are not there).

It’s the comments on the article, however, that really got me. These are the comments I made and their ratings. I don’t think I’ve ever been so unpopular for telling the truth. But these women must be able to keep dusting their empty wombs, and polishing their iPhones, I guess. More important than caring for the next generation. We are really screwed, aren’t we?


So Soros will continue to restock the farm with migrants, and white girls will continue to act as traitors to their race, by withholding their fertility for money (career), which is surely a form of reverse prostitution (which is is only another form of prostitution for Mammon, I guess), and these white girls, some of whom are travelling to the Calais Jungle to have sex with refugees, are the ultimate traitors of all:


Ugh. This article makes an extremely profound comment, and I quote:

“Feminism has created a social environment which has made it nearly impossible for women to fulfill this most basic biological function of reproduction, and so they seek to abolish it by any means necessary.

Their bodies and their underlying, basic animal psychology doesn’t really care whether or not White men respond to their monkey sex behavior and abolish feminism, or if they just replace us with foreign men who won’t tolerate feminism.

So no. The sex isn’t about sex. Because although virtually everything in life is about sex, sex isn’t about sex. Sex is about reproduction.

And women who are put in a position where their ability to reproduce is being blocked will respond will [sic] sexual behaviors which look extremely strange to men who have not taken the red pill.”

What hope is there, when white women round on anyone who says that children mustn’t be considered optional – how sad that I only realised that too late. Will this next generation realise in time?

God Bless you


I need to write about soap dishes


Yes, I know, but bear with me, please. It’s been one of those weeks… I hope this at least amuses you a bit!

Soap dishes became, for me, an emblem of what society has become. You see the eco trend, and Agenda 21 would never have been mooted had the patriarchy not been smashed. If we still had a patriarchy in place, just how many designs of soap dishes would there be in the world?

Now, stop laughing, I’m serious!

I can’t even see how the soap would stay on some of these, can you?

Just look at any of the stores you’ll find locally that stock homewares – they all have multiple different designs of soap dishes! I don’t think I have ever owned a soap dish. The bathroom beaker I bought when I first got married is the very same one I use today – maybe this is poor ‘womaning’ on my part, but I was brought up that you didn’t replace what wasn’t broken, and you didn’t buy things you didn’t need. Basins are designed, in this country, to accommodate soap without soap dishes, thus making a soap dish an affectation which is just uneccessary in my view (according to my upbringing).

So what’s my point here?

We’re in trouble if we think that Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 is anything to do with the environment – if it was, this example clearly shows that returning Europe to a patriarchal system would solve the eco crisis almost immediately.

Secondly we’re in trouble because mostly-indecisive and fickle creatures are now effectively running a fair part the world’s economy (if you exclude oil/gas/steel and armaments). Pandering to materialistic women is a full time job for the advertising industry – and of course there IS NO ECO crisis or this would have been stopped altogether.

And what’s worse is that a lot of women are seriously stressed! They are stressed by the power they have had given them by the NWO. They deal with that stress by trying to control absolutely everything around them, and everyone, because they can see what needs to be done, yet lack the instincts of men when it comes to outcomes. They feel un-supported by their men, and this only then adds to their ‘lonely-at-the-top’ feelings, and that feeds, often, into a somewhat-narcissitic belief that they are somehow greater than men, because men don’t care about minutiae. And they don’t…

I’ll share here a brief tale I may have shared before. A friend of mine was complaining about her ex-boyfriend. She said he wouldn’t use a coaster (there’s another one RIGHT THERE! A soap dish MKII). She said he’d always put his cup down and leave a ring on the coffee table. I said to her, “Varnish it – because he’s never going to care.”

She looked horrified. It was for her, easier to imagine subduing and oppressing this man – in fact she had left him, and one of the petty annoyances which had stayed with her enough to repeat to me was that he left rings on the coffee table.

rhett butler.gif

WE HAVE BIGGER THINGS  TO WORRY ABOUT NOW, SWEETHEART – like rapey-eyed Muslims and Somalians. We have psychotic leaders who want to push us towards war. We have BIGGER FISH TO FRY than the damned coffee table sweetheart.

Ladies, we must sit up and take note! I know the majority of you reading this are already on the same page, but that doesn’t mean we don’t benefit from hearing it again.

God Bless you


Jezebel rides again – wives ordering husbands about

Ladies, I know we sometimes get frustrated with our men, but if we know our bible we know we are there to help HIM and to support him to make good decisions. We can help him by making our preferences known, trusting in him and letting God do the rest! Nagging only causes a man to retreat into himself. If he questions himself enough, he will become brittle, and then can become the very thing you don’t want – another child.

I have seen this so often – husbands so weak their wives can find no ounce of respect for them. It’s not God’s order of things at all! Here are two ladies who have laid down the law to their husbands – these are the typical examples of what NOT to do!



This woman gave her husband a permanent reminder of his status:



Perhaps she tought it was funny, and maybe he did too, but the message is loud and clear – she is wearing the trousers. Can you imagine how most women would feel to have a ring like that as a gift from their husbands? What better way to indicate your own insecurity and lack of trust in your spouse? (Link)

What do you think of this? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

God Bless you


Slavery – the state of modern man

…and woman.

So, you have a job, and you are working 40 hours a week. My neighbour has a job like that, after two years of unemployment. He’s very happy. Yet, he’s told me that he has to go to bed at 8pm every night because the job is very physically demanding. Even after a couple of months, he is still exhausted. I worked out that he now has a total of 20 hours per working week, awake, in which to wash, prepare his lunch for the following day and have something to eat.

He’s a slave.

Oh no? You, like many, might think that he’s earning good money. I suspect the job is at minimum wage, and that after he’s paid his council tax and utilities, he’s still got a good wedge left for leisure activities, which he now has very little time or energy for.

If you HAVE to have a job to earn BANK NOTES (which aren’t real money), so that you can pay for goods and services which you cannot avoid (like property tax), you are a slave. If you don’t believe me, try not paying your council tax, and you will find you don’t even own the house you paid off the mortgage on, in full. They will take it.


Women’s lib was not about freeing women, it was the usual satanic pact, where we women were duped into swapping our lives for something depicted to us as being more glamorous, at huge cost to future generations. In those days, had you told a woman that her decision to work full-time would have devastating knock on effects for her grandchildren, she would have listened, I think. Today, women would say ‘what grandchildren.’ Women think slavery is freedom.

boa mural
This image, from the Bank of America – this is one of four murals they commissioned (because they make so much money off your money). You can read an analysis of the images here: Link. I see the woman in this image as isolated, she is the feminine, and she is imprisoned. She is a puppet on strings which stretch up to the black sun – an occult symbol.

In fact the idea of women’s lib was to get more people paying tax and destroy, for once and for all, the concept of full empoloyment. In the 1960’s in the UK, you could, so I understand, walk out of one job in the morning and be hired again in the afternoon somewhere else – full employment means one thing – worker power. When you have full employment, people are happy, confident, and have enough money. When you destroy that, you create uncertainty, fear and a sense of lack. You create poverty in both fact and in prospects.

If you create a society where endless immigration and the outsourcing of jobs makes getting a job like musical chairs, well, some people are going to be unemployed. But if you are unpemployed you are a real nuisance to the state, because you cost so much, sitting there in miserable poverty. Oh yes. But don’t look at the other column of the balance sheet, will you? Don’t look at how has never made a profit, yet has a turn over of millions of pounds every year. Don’t look at how they destroyed highstreet book shops that actually paid taxes, will you? No. Don’t look at that. And whatever you do, don’t look at tax avoidance. No.


Real freedom is not available in the so-called free world. In the United States, you cannot legally live off grid on your own property. You have to have municipal water and electricity attached – why? Well maybe it’s because they want to bombard you with RF radiation from the smart meter, or maybe it’s because you will be forced to earn actual (fake) money to pay the standing charge for the connection alone (whether you use it or not).

What is the answer to all this. If you are government, it is to lie, to propagandise, to allow banks to continue to steal the wealth of individuals – your campaign contributions rely on it. If you are a citizen, it’s time to pray to God.

I have experienced God’s providence so many times. I have had money arrive just when I needed it. I have been blessed by His generosity, and somehow, there has always been enough to pay the utilities. I am thankful to Him for that. God is the creator of all things – money is not hard for Him to bring you. You must be willing to work – whether that is as a housewife, or as a gardener, or in running your own small business (there’s a lot of freedom in that, even though you still have bills to pay) – you don’t have to be doing the 9-5 unless that is what you choose. God Blesses us in ways we sometimes don’t realise until afterwards.

Rely on Him.

God Bless you


Science experimenting to induce homosexuality in moths

The science community is trying to play God again – how’s about making male moths homosexual to stop them breeding? I mean nobody wants their fabrics ruined, do they?

The first part of the article deals with the experiments, but the quote below really resonated with me:

“In 2010, columnist Debbie Schlussel cited a Wall Street Journal feature entitled, “Why Women Don’t Want Macho Men,” which detailed studies which regularly show that women in wealthy Western societies tend to prefer feminine-looking men (it was just the opposite for women in poorer societies).

“But the article should have been title, ‘Why Spoiled Western Women Don’t Want Men & Why They’d Rather Be Them,'” she wrote.

Continuing, she observed:

The Journal doesn’t directly express the societal distinction here–that the women who prefer feminine men are Western and afflicted with feminism and female gender-based affirmative action–and, instead, calls them countries with “healthier” populations. It ain’t got nothin’ to do with health. Sorry, but men who spend a lot of time on their hair and have a basket of hair products aren’t men. They’re girls stuck in men’s bodies. That’s not healthy.

Natural health specialist Dr. William Wong agrees. In a recent column, he wrote that part of the transformation could be chemical:

Combine this brainwashing with the 5 to 8 birth control pills worth of estrogen in each bottle of soy formula fed to baby boys at a time when their testosterone level should be equal to that of an 18 year old so that the particular part of the anterior pituitary develops telling the boy he is a Guy, a Male, a future Man and you see that we’ve had a multi-level assault on manhood worldwide in the latter part of the 20th century….” Read the full article here: Link

Strong masculine men attract women who want to be women – feminine and protected by his strength. There’s a reason God created us this way – it’s because this makes for a cohesive society in which the men will fight to protect what is theirs. Once you take away, diminish or worse, deride, that masculine set of attributes, you are well on your way to a society in which we can all be divided from one another – divided we fall!

You only have to look at the popularity of TV characters like Detective Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes on the BBC to see that women still do yearn for the unreconstructed masculine man. If only women still knew how to not compete with him in a relationship! Here’s a clip of him, in case you haven’t seen the show.

With our hormones being constantly messed around with by everything from till receipts to the drinking water, how will we ever get back to what God intended?

God Bless you