CERN is looking for the voice of God

Can you imagine the danger of giving humanity (particularly the evil elites who are pulling the strings on satan’s behalf) the tool to create and destroy this world at whim?

Really? Can you imagine what kind of world they might create with that kind of tool?

It may be the very thing that CERN is seeking – the voice of God. I cannot express my feelings about this – it’s a very worrying idea indeed. But Tom Horn and Cris Putnam reckon this is the very thing that CERN hopes to discover:

“What they’re doing there is that they’re accelerating protons and nearly the speed of light… these are the most powerful scientific experiments that have ever been conducted on the face of the earth.

Now why are they doing all this? Well, particle physicists, of course, want to know about the nature of creation so they burst these particles into sub-atomic pieces to try to understand what they’re doing.

But they are also looking for gravitons because they believe that those gravitons might be escaping into a parallel reality.

Sergio Bertolucci said it in a public interview. He said, ‘we are going to open a doorway at CERN and we may send something through it and something may come back to us.’

They are also looking for gluon. This thrills me as a theologian. Gluon is essentially the overlaying of sound waves… particle physicists can’t understand why we don’t just fly apart… the actual matter that you’re made of would disappear on the head of a pin… you’re almost entirely motion… protons… neutrons… spinning electrons… you’re movement… that’s all you are… they don’t understand why you don’t just fly apart.

Gluon is the overlaying of sound waves… it’s what holds everything together.

It’s basically Genesis chapter 1… ‘And God spoke’ … God said ‘let there be’… God emits sound waves and he calls forth into somethingness out of nothingness these atomic constructs… and he makes the plants… he makes the animals.

They’re looking for the voice of God.” (source)

The very voice of God – could they get hold of that tool? I pray this never happens, but the temerity of them to even try! It’s incredible to me, the evil that can be found within humanity.

You can watch the video here:

God Bless us all.



Preparing for the day of adversity

I’m reading an old book at the moment – Nevil Shute’s novel ‘A Town Like Alice.’

It’s very good – a book I fell in love with many years ago after watching it on the TV as an adaptation. I read the book many years ago, and as I’m feeling really poorly at the moment, I decided to read it again. At this time, with what we face, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Set in WWII in Malaya under Japanese occupation, it tells the story of a group of English women who didn’t get evacuated in time, and the Japanese kept promising a prison camp to. They marched for hundred of miles from place to place, and each time they were turned away. They got sick and many died – almost half of them. It’s loosely based on a true story, as Wikipedia recounts: Link

The story thankfully goes on beyond the war and there is good news in there, but what struck me was the feeling of having no control over your own life – being under occupation by a foreign power who mostly didn’t understand you, and certainly did not respect you. This group of English women in a foreign country would not have survived at all were it not for one of them being a native speaker, young and bold enough to get much needed medicines and so on. She also in the end negotiates an end to their marching when their Japanese guard dies. They stayed in one village and planted rice for three years until the war ended.

paddy fields

We may like to think that we will not acquiesce to brutality, to force, to cruelty, but reading this book brings home the harsh reality that our survival instincts are strong enough that we will bow to our enemy to keep him sweet.

Let us remember that – a sobering thought – as we move relentlessly towards a third world war which will never be announced, and we will never be allowed the time to prepare for. The war is limbering up now. I’ve noticed an increase in stories in the media which hark back to the beginning of WWII, and this is deliberate – they are sowing the seeds, placing these ideas into our day so that we will subconsciously accept war when it comes.

This time, let us be aware that we are fighting a war which is not a truthful war, nor a just war. It is a spiritual war – and we must be aware that if we are bowing to the enemy this time, it is to bow to satan himself.

For someone such as myself, who was trained by school, and therefore has a tendency to obey authority, that is very sobering indeed. May we all stand in that day.

God Bless you


How tea can wreck your thyroid health

This shocking fact came to my attention the other evening, and it so profoundly impacted me that I went and flushed the rest of my loose tea down the toilet. Yes, really.

I’m having thyroid trouble. Stress is a big cause of this, but other things can only make it worse, but if you don’t know, how can you respond appropriately?

I’d heard before that a cup of tea can contain up to 7.8mg of fluoride. That’s quite a lot – it sounds like a lot. It’s only, however, when you pair that fact with this one that you see just HOW bad and how dangerous that is:

“Drinking a cup of tea with fluoride content as mentioned above (7.8mg) would mean a fluoride intake much higher(!) than amounts which were actually given as medication to treat hyperthyroidism (-> over-functioning thyroid) for numerous decades – in several countries – specifically to reduce thyroid activity! [(2 -10 mg NaF/day”] (Source)

So patients were given between 2mg and 10mg of sodium fluoride per day to reduce thyroid function deliberately. So a single cup of tea would put you in that bracket. One cup!


That doesn’t include the danger that your water is already fluoridated at the usual 1ppm, which adds up to 1mg/litre. Don’t forget that the NWO one-world-government has only your best interests and ‘well being’ at heart! That’s why the WHO says this:

“Water fluoridation
Many communities worldwide lack sufficient natural fluoride in their drinking water to prevent caries. Because of the powerful benefits of the right amount of fluoride, water fluoridation programmes (Box 2) have been established in many countries since the 1930s when its ability to reduce dental caries was first recognized.

Box 2: What is a fluoridation programme?

A fluoridation programme is the artificial and controlled addition of a fluoride compound to a public water supply, in order to adjust its fluoride concentration to an optimal level for prevention of dental caries. The optimal level is usually around 1mg/litre. A fluoride-containing chemical is added to increase the total (raw water plus dosed) level to the pre-determined concentration. The chemical is chosen for its ability to dissolve in water, low cost and lack of undesirable side effects. Fluoride is odourless and tasteless, so there is no perceptible change to the water. The usual chemicals used for fluoridation are: hexafluorosilicic acid, disodium hexafluorosilicate or sodium fluoride. Fluoridation is carried out at water treatment works. A fluoridation programme requires good maintenance and a specially designed plant: fluoridation chemicals are corrosive in concentrated form and must be stored and handled according to safe working practices.

Water fluoridation in low fluoride-containing water supplies helps to maintain optimal dental tissue development and dental enamel resistance against caries attack during the entire life span. Fluoride in drinking water acts mainly through its retention in dental plaque and saliva. Frequent consumption of drinking water and products made with fluoridated water maintain intra-oral fluoride levels. People of all ages, including the elderly, benefit from community water fluoridation.” (source)

They want you to drink two litres of water a day, so straight off, you’re in the lower end of the medication range for reducing thyroid activity – 2mg/day. And this is before you even consider the neurological and skeletal issues that fluoride poses. This must make for a well and truly weakened population – is that the idea? This is FORCED MEDICATION!

fluoride toxicity

And don’t forget (and like me, I bet you never knew) that this FORCED MEDICATION is also in milk and in salt in some countries!

Salt fluoridation

Milk Fluoridation

Don’t drink tea – you owe it to yourself. Green is no better, by the way – I highly recommend reading the whole article here: Link and if you want to know more about flouridation and it’s effects, read some of the articles here: Link

God Bless you


Illuminati clothing – here’s what you can buy right now in the UK to show you support your oppressors!

I was investigating the usual tranche of awful, thin, cold, ugly and shapeless clothing offerings on the British High Street for the previous post when I found these. I hit the motherload. I seriously did. I have included url links should you desire to clothe yourself or your daughter (I only looked at women’s clothes) in the preferred garb to signal to satan your willingness to be oppressed by spiritual forces of darkness (and everyone else to be too, let’s not forget!). You just might want to check to make sure I didn’t create these in Photoshop! Here they are, in no particular order!

First I went to Select Clothing (Link) – a cheap as chips outlet (except prices are now much higher than they used to be and it’s noticeable that quality isn’t their strong point!). I found a couple of really dark t shirts, and also one which really was pushing narcissism (I don’t think the young need any help on that score, thanks). Then I found this:

illuminati clothingMmmm – the all seeing eye, triangles, oh yeah, free spirit (more like imprisoned spirit!). And to what limit?

But when I went to New Look (Link) – another shop producing thin (and I mean sleeveless too, for Winter 2015/16!) clothes, well here I found it all. Brace yourselves!

I start with their ‘Unicorn offering’ – there were so many more than these, and the Unicorn, according to Constance Cumbey, is significant to the New Age Movement (I quote from her book A Planned Deception)

a planned deception snippetSo beware, this isn’t just make believe for kids, this is a powerful force spiritually being invoked for evil purposes.

So here we have that symbolism turning up on clothing the unsuspecting public wears, signalling their willingness, in absence of knowing what they are ‘consenting’ to!

unicorn spiritOccult 22 in place as well!

unicorn crap

This, for me, harks back to the problems of the demonised otherkin I wrote about here (Link)

unicorn crap 2Escapism into a New Age Movement fantasy – not helpful for the young!

But there’s more – oh so much more, I’m sad to say! It’s so blatant – you will not believe what you are seeing – the infiltration into HOMES, even potentially into non-uniform SCHOOLS of these symbols which are LEGAL RIGHTS AND LEGAL GROUNDS FOR SATAN TO DWELL! Seriously – if you see this in your school your church even (!) say something.

owl imagery

Owl symbolism – another symbol of Molech, a god sacrificed to in ‘mock ceremonies’ at Bohemian Grove, but coupled with the heart – symbol of Bacchus – drunkeness, debauchery and fornication. Ouch.

all seeing crap

What can I say? All seeing eye and what also looks a bit like some CERN symbolism there, although I may be reaching there as to intention…

illuminati clothing 2

So many triangles – and you can barely see it there, but there is an all seeing eye in the middle of that top triangle. It’s quite a disturbing image!

illuminati clothing 5

This one hits all the bases – simultaneously! I mean, really! Skull and crossbones, Egyptian eye of Osiris, keys both individually, and crossed, hearts, the rod of Hermes – this coupled with the all seeing eye, emblazoned right there for all to see. This is direct Kabbalism – this is combining all the symbols of evil on one shirt for a ‘useful idiot’ to wear. Tragic. Really tragic. I’ve talked about wearing symbols unsuspectingly before here (Link)

illuminati clothing 4

Again, eyes and triangles, the comment ‘the free spirit within’, blazing stars and the sun, and more triangles! Theres an air of Native American Indian about this one too. Is this Phoenix symbolism? Can you help me with that – leave a comment please.

illuminati clothing 3

I felt uncomfortable just looking at this T shirt to start with, but couldn’t work out why. Then I spotted the all seeing eye again. But there’s more – the phrase ‘She’s a wanderer a dreamer’ – I’ve noticed a lot of clothes with the words dreamer or daydream on them this year – this is part of keeping them asleep. Watch out!

A friend of mine told me that he’d only just drawn a triangle on the blackboard in a science class when he turned back round and one of the kids had added an all seeing eye to it. Creepy huh?

We must be ever more vigilant when it comes to what we allow into our homes. Symbols are dangerous – if you can’t be sure that an image isn’t symbolic of evil, it’s best to have none, and I know that is hard to do. We must somehow keep satan out of our homes and lives the best ways we can.

By the way this is all UK clothing – is this the same in the US? If so please post links in the comments section – I’d love to know!

God Bless you


UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington – William Mount

Is it true? Could it be? Are they really out to destroy the forests that they have been systematically killing off with the geoengineering poisons? Many have stated that the forests are dead. Dane Wigington has stated that the trees are dying, that wildlife has left, and that the air is so dried out by the geoengineering that it is more conductive – so even just a lightning bolt could start a serious wildfire. But William Mount (Link) has this, and I quote:

“I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.

This eye witness (Infantry Veteran) also sighted another odd looking aircraft fire a light beam into the woods and a forest fire erupted shortly afterwards.

These reports are spot on when it comes to location of the fires and is identical to reports of other fires starting across Washington State I have received.

Basically: These fires are being started by US And UN aircraft.

Washington State is under attack by the United Nations and United States Corporation and since the US Nationals Forests currently belong to the government of China they are technically AT WAR with China and thus (According o the original and 2nd treaties signed) at war with the entire “BRICS Set Of Nations.”

Please remember that the UN Lucifer Trust folks stated several times in the last two months they intend to “Turn Up The Heat”

I have a personal friend who makes a very inexpensive Non-Toxic Biodegradable product that you can spray on either grass or trees that prevents them from burning and he was told to “Stay The HELL Away From Us:” by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Procurement Officer.

They want you dead.”

He also put out this potentially informative video back in April, which I leave here for your interest:

I don’t want to spread fear. I don’t want to believe this at all. But it makes sense when you look at what the END goal is. The end goal is a world government. The only way you’re going to get that and get everyone to agree to it is if you take their homes, destroy their farms, poison their water and create a global catastrophe. If you start in the states, you’ve hit the king pin, haven’t you? You’ve made it so that you can easily knock down every other pin – the beacon of freedom is laid waste! Every other country will topple to the will of those who can destroy the US.

rockefeller scum

kissinger scum


We know that America is now corrupted. We know our governments are evil beyond measure – so how long before we cry out to the UN to come and save us?

This is the plan. We must stand firm and reject any notion of outside help.

God Bless you


The credulity of incredulity – satan is real

In an old book written by Lewis Spence, regarding the ‘Occult causes of the present war’ – from the 1940’s there was a phrase I will never forget. He described the ‘credulity of incredulity’ – the perfect seedbed for the work of satan in the lives of milllions. That we could become credulous – believing any cause other than satan, for the problems we see in the world, because of our incredulity at the very idea that satan is real.

In 1735, Great Britain brought in a new law with regard to witchcraft. No longer was witchcraft a believable thing – it was deemed by the great minds of the time to be an ‘impossible crime’ and therefore, it became a crime to pretend to be a witch, and remained so until the fraudulent mediums act of 1951. Source: Link

Is this ‘normalcy bias’, this inability to accept the evil we see as having a connection to the evil we have decided is not real? They always say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was in convincing mankind that he isn’t real. I think he’s done this rather well – in most churches there is no awareness of the works of darkness. Where there is illness, there is a doctor – so the congregation is asked to pray for the patient, in the doctor’s hands, and some never even rebuke the works of demons causing the illness!

Witchcraft is alive and well, it is effective, it is dangerous. If the likes of Steve Quayle and others I have heard recently want to say that homosexual marriage is going to bring judgement, then they are forgetting that we are not to suffer a witch to live! Easy for us to step away from that – we can pretend there are no real witches! Many churches also stand with the idea that homosexuality is just another type of ‘love’ – it is not!

We have incrementally been disuaded of our adherence to the Law of Moses, and instead, anything goes – the constitution allows for all these things, by the way!

The devil is real – he is very busy building his NWO, and his minions think they will be powerful when that time comes. I want to end with one verse:

23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Isaiah 45:23 KJV

EVERY KNEE – EVERY TONGUE! However hard things look, this is God’s will and His Word that has gone out to accomplish that will.

Take up your sword – the very word of God – and the spiritual battle is for every Christian to fight. The battle is in the unseen, not this group or that individual, but against the powers, the principalities – demonic forces!

God Bless you


Stun cuffs for prisoners – “They must be controlled”

Wow, you need to read the full article here: Link. I quote:

“What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless “Stun-Cuffs” from Myers Enterprises. “Today’s criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever,” its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. “Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled.”

Here’s how the devices work: A prisoner’s wrists or ankles are cuffed––and then, if the person holding the transmitter desires, he or she can send tens of thousands of volts of electricity coursing through the prisoner’s body from a distance of up to 100 yards. As the brochure puts it: “A demonstration of this in front of a prisoner and they will know if they are out of compliance the Single Cuff model will drop them.””

Now watch the video – listen to the laughter – these people are very sick and twisted individuals. In no way should they be anywhere near prisoners, or have anyone under their control.

While I’m at it, let me just drop this here: Our own Home Secretary, Theresa May, has a Twitter account, and here is her tweet from January…

what theresa may really thinksI like the ‘burden’ of freedom, Theresa, so please don’t get any ideas about bringing these evil contraptions to the UK.

Remember that you govern by consent. I am glad to say that I have watched you say those very words when interviewed. I truly don’t know what you were thinking when you posted this tweet!

God Bless