Subliminal halos of the rich and famous – Part IV

I just saw this corker, so I thought I would trawl my files and give you the most recently collected subliminal halos of the rich and famous.

Here’s cheeky chappy Jeremy Corbyn, a dangerous socialist menace, with his tinsel halo:

corbyn Halo 2018.jpg

They even included some baubles for entertainment (you’ll note from previous Corbyn halos that they always have a slightly comedic edge, look here)

Here’s Turkey’s Erdogan with horns:

erdogan halo horns

And Netanyahu with a star of David crown, his hand position looks unfortunate:

netanyahu star halo

Bernie Sanders even got a halo:

bernie sanders halo

How about Putin again:

putin halo

These are not coincidental – the angle needed to obtain these pics, and the choice to use them is part of the “deification” of leaders. The press will play some as hapless, like Corbyn, when really he’s dangerous, and others like Putin, as in some way angelic, but his halos are always rather small.

Here’s Leo Varadkar of Ireland:

varadkar halo

What earned this homosexual Indian, now leading Ireland, a halo? He managed to do away with Ireland’s anti-abortion laws, and increased immigration so that Ireland is now in a worse state than ever. The globalists must be delighted.

France Europe Macron

Macron also gets his halo (and the EU leadership know this photo angle creates these images, I have alost a dozen of different leaders in this spot). Macron’s halo is for enacting Cloward Piven Strategy on France to bring it to it’s knees (can’t have communism without a revolution, doncha know?) The people of France know that Macron is a stooge.

jacob rees mogg halo

Jacob Rees-Mogg gets a huge halo for something – perhaps we will find out what in 2019. Will he stand for leader? Who knows? Some call him “The Honourable Member for the 19th Century” or something to that effect due to his old-fashioned ways and dress sense. However, he’s a very calm and measured and well-spoken man. But he’s also a staunch catholic which both endears and repels. Catholicism is not Christianity.

Here’s a grim-looking David Cameron with his halo or crown of stars:

Cameron halo

Last one, and rather sinister. This chap is the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi:

islamic finger halo

Note his one-finger islamic sign. Hmmm.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of some of 2018’s finest halos. I could only post a few, but I continue to collect them when I see them.

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God Bless you



Convenient ‘evidence’ implicates Russia – just in time for WWIII!

They’ve decided Russia was behind the shooting down of MH17. How handy! I mean Russia is blasting Isis, America is re-arming them against Russia, and don’t forget that the four angels who will be released from the Euphrates in the end times may well be in the bit of the Euphrates that crosses…. Syria.

Coincidence? I think not!

Russia implicatedShould we be surprised?

In case you didn’t know, MH 17 was much more than a downed plane, it was a psyop against you. The pristine passports found among the wreckage ought to be enough to get you questioning what is really going on. This report from James Corbett is vital viewing (warning: occasional graphic images).

God Bless you


Have some cheery pictures of the queen!

Giving and receiving some apparently masonic handshakes. Yes, really. Oh dear, isn’t it depressing – all this stuff hidden in plain sight. I think these are quite funny.

Here’s Ms Merkel of the Holy Roman Empire, oh, I’m sorry, I meant Germany…

merkel mason

And here’s the famous footballer David Beckham giving it his best shot!

Masonic handshake

The queen looks delighted.

But just in case you’re thinking the queen is a pushover in this department, see how she crushes poor Madonna – the look of pain on Madonna’s face is a picture. EIIR 1 Madonna 0

madonnaI’m not even going to speculate about what these handshakes are all about. I think we know that the upper echelons of society (the scum that tends to float), are very good at playing at being in the same club. Handshakes are one way of showing this to each other. Of course they could just be flukes.

God Bless you