Leftist Academic agenda alive and well at Cambridge

Yesterday I sent a very silly article about a very silly man to a friend of mine, commenting that I could imagine what my father would have said about this “academic” – he would have called him a “Fathead!” and then said that he had been “educated beyond his intellectual capacity.” I don’t think anyone would disagree with that:

Cambridge 1.jpg


I quote:

‘I would lower the voting age to six, not 16, and I’m serious about that,’ he said. ‘I would want people who vote to be able to read, so I would exclude reception.

‘The old thing about voting for people like you wouldn’t happen, 9-year-olds aren’t going to elect 9-year-olds to Parliament and even if they did they’d be outvoted.

‘What’s the worst that could happen? At least it would be exciting, it would make elections more fun. ‘

Prof Runciman said the system of only allowing voting at 18 but having no cut-off point at the other end left young people vastly outnumbered.

He did not suggest stripping older people of their votes but said including young children was necessary to correct the ‘structural imbalance’.

What a total balloon! But where is the outrage? Where are the calls amongst his fellow academics to “burn the witch”? No, there are none, because in the intellectual vacuum of Cambridge University controversy is fine as long as it suits the general agenda of the Left.

When it doesn’t, then the calls for “burn the witch” are as shrill as can be, as in the case of this poor unfortunate fellow who has discovered that there is a link between race and intellect as well as race and criminality. This is not new, but 200 of his fellow intellectuals from as far away as Princeton are determined to destroy him:

Cambridge 2.jpg


The phrase “ethically suspect” is particularly amusing and pertinent – it tells me that it’s unethical, in their minds, to even look at the issue. It’s only ethical to ignore the issues caused by “diversity” and not address them scientifically. Because they don’t like it they label him a eugenicist, which he may or may no be, and call his work “pseudoscience” which it is not. This is a subject which has been studied over and over and the conclusion is that there is a definite difference in intelligence between races, on average. But we mustn’t say so, or we will fall foul of the thought police.

I quote:

They said that they are ‘deeply concerned that racist pseudoscience is being legitimised through association with the University of Cambridge.’

They added: ‘This fellowship was awarded to Carl despite his attendance at, and public defence of, the discredited ‘London Conference on Intelligence’, where racist and pseudoscientific work has been regularly presented.

‘Carl’s work has already been used by extremist and far-right media outlets with the aim of stoking xenophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric…this kind of pseudoscientific racism runs the serious risk of being used to justify policies that directly harm vulnerable populations.’

Yes, because immigrants are vulnerable, but the populations they join are not. The immigrants must be allowed to enter and destroy our countries (because destroy them they will) because otherwise it’s racist.

Take a look at Ethiopia:

tragic ethiopia.jpg

When Africans make Africa great they will be far more welcome here. The men of Africa should be at home building up their countries, but that is not the plan. As we know the plan is the Kalergi Plan: Kalergi plan – advertised, yet ignored by the masses

Remember folks, it’s not the immigrants fault in all this – our leaders are to blame. Diversity is our destruction, and intellectual rigour will not be applied unless you want to lose your career.



Miscegenation – Dilute and Destroy

I believe that the drive towards miscegenation by the likes of the Advertising agencies and Hollywood is a deliberate move towards white genocide. Truly – there can be no other plan because that is what it is. However, no-one seems to report on the other side. It’s not as if having biracial kids is good for a black father or mother either. It means to dilute their race, and in many ways their beauty. Look at these two people:

Dating Mating pic.png

They are both beautiful. To lose the beauty of the woman by diluting her ebony skin – what a shame! But to the man this relationship is genocide. His children will not be white – the white race dies with this kind of relationship.

dilute and destroy.jpg

This is a dilute and destroy strategy. Dilute the black race, destroy the white race. End up with people who have no cultural identity or affiliation – how perfect to push them around and create the culture you want now to foist on them – including the baubles of transgenderism, homosexuality and so much ‘freedom’ they can’t cope with it.

miscegenation 3.jpg

Dilute and destroy. It’s not diversity, it’s destruction. I’m not saying anything about individuals here – this isn’t about Joe Bloggs who wants to marry a beautiful black woman, that is an individual’s decision. I’m not proposing we ban miscegenation. I’m saying that this is now a deliberate policy to destroy the white race! We must not walk into what is essentially a trap.

Culturally now, the only people it is acceptable to insult openly are white men and ginger haired people…. This is the plan – destroy white masculinity, whilst portraying black men as sages. I kid you not – watch this video for some excellent examples:

This subtle, and not so subtle, attack on white males is designed to subliminally prepare women to find black men more attractive.

I often find myself questioning the ‘perfection’ – the uniform and regimented way all of the media move in synchronicity towards these goals. It’s hard to believe that all these people are ‘in’ on such a vast conspiracy. But they aren’t in on a human conspiracy, they are simply doing the natural bidding of their master, satan himself.

Finally, as a single woman, I really find it quite gobsmacking how many black men approach me on dating sites – Christian dating sites! Please beautiful black men find yourself a beautiful black woman and preserve your race undiluted. Be true to who God made you. I will do the same. God willing.

God Bless you