UK General Election 2017

I am happy to announce that Theresa May – Britain’s worst Prime Minister to date – has blown her majority. Her gamble – that the electorate would give her a bigger majority on the back of our desire for Brexit, has backfired. In fact I suspect that was the plan all along. Why do I say that? British Armed Forces continue to be more and more closely integrated into Europe, despite Article 50 having been triggered. Those in the know suspected that she had no intention of us leaving the EU – perhaps they were right. For me, knowing the manifesto commitments of both Conservative and Labour parties, I am glad neither has power. Watch out for another election (or a coalition) very shortly!

For many who voted for Corbyn – a true Socialist (Marxist!) if ever there was one – the most painful issue of the greatest concern was the state of our health service.

The NHS has been funded ‘at record levels’ according to the conservatives, while in real terms it’s receiving less than a third of the funding per person than it was in the 1970s. Out of that also comes payments for privately built PPI hospitals, which have turned out to be a massive cash-cow for those who built them, and leased them to the state. I have heard of hospitals being forced to pay over £600 to get a lightbulb changed! It’s in the contract!

So why do I mention the NHS? Because I want you to listen to this interview that Brian Gerrish has done with a whistleblower on how the NHS is killing our elderly. I’ve written before about the Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway (which was supposedly banned). No, it still continues, and patients are dying under very worrying conditions. This interview will leave you with more questions than answers – is funding the real issue? Does the NHS need an injection of cash, or compassion? Where is the care for the sick and elderly.

Please listen and share with everyone you know – particularly if they are in the UK. We have bigger problems than just who is in charge, or how much tax we pay – we have a crisis of CARE – which must, surely, be a spiritual problem.

God Bless you



“Police State Is Here” – Newsletter from the UK Column

I received this newsletter over the weekend, and I felt it was incredibly important to share it with you in toto. It is down to observant and aware individuals like Brian Gerrish that we get to hear that not only are armed police running about in Plymouth, but that they are not identified (thus acting as a secret police force). Thanks to them for sharing this information, and please, if you haven’t already, visit and subscribe. I really commend their weekday news show to you, as well. Very important stuff you won’t hear anywhere else! Here’s the text of the Newsletter in full:

“As the summer of tension progresses, with Gladio style “attacks” in Nice, Wurzburg and Munich being the latest to be exploited by an out of control political class and the increasingly complicit and compliant media, the calls for ever more draconian surveillence and subversion of the rule of law grow exponentially.

On yesterday’s “Any Questions” on BBC Radio 4, one panellist demanded the introduction of ID cards in order to combat this new wave of “terrorism”. His demands were reinforced by an audience member who suggested that since most people already carry identification of one form or another, for example a driving licence, that a fully fledged ID card should be no problem for us.

It was left to Peter Hitchens to remind the audience of the Constitutional position – that whether or not we, as individuals, carry any form of identifying document, we are under no lawful obligation to show it to anyone. To submit to any such demand is a subersion of the presumption of innocence.

As Hitchens pointed out, therefore, the introduction of ID cards, along with some kind of statutory enforceable requirement to provide it on demand, fundamentally redefines the relationship between the individual and the nation.

Yet calls for greater surveillence and ID cards are only one aspect of the police state. A more worrying example came home, quite literally, to us at the UK Column on Thursday this past week.

Devon and Cornwall police, if that is who they were, decided to carry out an armed response “drill” at our premises.

The main target for this drill, was a disused building owned by Plymouth City College across the street. But as the following image demonstrates, they launched their “drill” from just outside our window.

UK column police.jpg

While a couple of dozen men and women running around the streets of a Plymouth industrial estate armed to the teeth with fully automatic weapons and side arms might seem bad enought, the aspect of this “drill” which caused us greatest concern was the fact that these men were completely unidentified. They wore plain clothes, had no shoulder numbers and no identifying marks of any kind aside from the word “police” on the back of their flak jackets.

When we challenged them about this following their “drill”, they simply did not get the point we were making to them – that they are a de facto “secret police force”.

Yet that is what they are.

The definition of “secret police” according to Wikipedia is “intelligence services or police and law enforcement agencies which operate in secrecy. Therefore, they have little to no transparency, accountability or oversight.”

“Secrecy” in this case does not just mean that their operations are hidden, but that their identities are hidden. There can be no accountability under these circumstances.

And when these “secret police” were challenged, they justified their actions by saying that they had to run these drills “under the present circumstances”.

Which brings us back to the Gladio style “terror” which is being perpetrated right across Europe. This is not “Islamic”. It is “state sponsored”, and it is our government and the governments of the rest of Europe who are sponsoring it. 

It is our liberty and the rule of law which our governments threaten.”

God Bless you