Entertaining Angels unawares….

We never know just who is around us who might touch our life in a profound way. When someone does, we might feel this person is an angel. Indeed this story really made me feel that this was an act of God.

‘Rose’, who suffers from anorexia, was on a train going to hospital for treatment. Someone on the train saw her obvious condition, and wrote her a letter which touched her and uplifted her. Here it is for you to read:

letter from an angel.jpg

You can read the whole story here: Link

I hope it brings you a moment of joy and hope. Life can be so hard – today I pray that if you need a hand, that God will bring someone alongside you. If you are free, would you let God move you alongside someone who needs you? I pray you will.

God Bless



Sheila Zilinksy and Carla Butaud – another great interview

Another great interview with Carla Butaud – I hope you find this inspiring!

The Weekend Vigilante Show – July 30 – Carla Butaud

Please support Sheila’s show – she needs all our support right now, and you can donate on her page there. Also please pray for her – I know she is having a tough time.

God Bless you