Handed on a plate to Theresa May – the UK

Andrea Leadsom has bowed out of the race to be PM. The smear campaign against her was orchestrated by a (((media))) which had already chosen May to lead, and was prepared to use disgustingly underhand tactics to ensure it.

Theresa May is pledging ‘serious social reform’, and truly I say God help us all! Her work as Home Secretary brought in more and more draconian rules and regulations. Her words have a chilling echo of Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ – whatever the public want, May is there to deliver us into the hands of the Cabal.

Here she is, in case you hadn’t seen this before, simpering before a synagogue having just handed £11.5 Million of tax payer’s money to the Community Security Trust, which is the Jew’s private security and intelligence-gathering organisation.

theresa may crowned



What bothers me most is the thought that we are one step closer to this triumvirate:

hubble bubble

Only Clinton to go, and we’ll have our three ‘witches’ (Clinton is known to be a witch).

If this bothers you and you wonder where the men are, I’ve got you covered: Link


I have no more words for this.

God Bless you


As in the days of Noah….

This is a hard post to write – I’m not sure what I’m really saying here, but yet I feel drawn to this message today, so I hope it brings something to you, and please leave a comment to give some clarity to these meanderings if you feel you can add some thoughts, or some bible verses. Maybe I’m seeing something in these verses which I’m taking out of context, but, hey bear with me and let me know what you think.

Recently it has come to my attention that Theresa May, our feckless Home Secretary, might become PM. My immediate reaction was to think of what country in the world I could safely flee to – because I believe this woman is utterly evil. I will briefly explain why.

My Canadian boyfriend came to the UK, and when he needed medical treatment he was presented with a bill. Fine, no problem. But at his discharge appointment he was arrested, taken into detention, and kept there for five weeks before being sent back to Canada with a medical escort at goodness knows what cost. He had a return ticket of his own, but no, he wasn’t allowed to use it. He had a fixed address here with me, no he wasn’t allowed to stay here. He was kept in detention at a cost to the country of approximately £100 per day for five weeks, sent back to Canada on Air Canada on a ticket paid for by the British government – yes – all that so that they could also slap him with a ten year ban on returning to the UK. The trauma he suffered is one thing – you can only imagine what that does to a middle aged guy to be slapped in prison. What we discovered, however, during that time, was even more shocking.

Britain is not a signatory to the EU wide agreement on the limitation of detention for those awaiting deportation or seeking asylum. This means that they have a guy in Colnbrook Detention Centre who has been there for 8 years. 8 years in prison for what? Being a foreigner.

It also means, and I know this will shock you to your core, but the UK government actually chartered a flight to deport a young man – can’t have been more that about 19 years old, (Rich said he was like a London schoolboy) to Afghanistan. YES really – we deported a young man to a war zone where he had no contacts, and knew no-one. His parents are UK citizens, yet he has been deported after serving time in prison, we know not what for, but in the UK if you are foreign and you get in trouble and get a two years sentence they can deport you afterwards. He was too young to have been in prison long… just the minimum two years.

Then there was the tale of the Italian guy Rich met who had fallen on hard times, and had gone to someone in authority to ask them to just send him home. What did they do? Bearing in mind this guy was a pensioner – they threw him in detention and deported him.

Why is this all happening?

Because of evil.

In the end times, in Matthew 24:37, Jesus tells us that:

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

and in Genesis 6:5, we are told that in the days of Noah:

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

What concerns me is the potential for us, as believers, to fall into those thoughts because of our leaders’ evil acts. It’s all too easy to feel hate. All too easy to want, as many do now in the States after the Hillary fiasco, to ‘break the system’ – yes why not, some will think. I wrote before about ‘ethical drift‘, and I’ll quote:

“The scum that floats on our society is covering every inch – it is having a darkening effect on the once pure waters below. Those of us below, these days, are far more likely to join in with the unethical behaviour we see modelled for us by those on high – we have become resentful of any sense of duty to the country we once might have had – this is a real shame. We have been lead astray by those who the elites have put in charge.”

Ethical drift is ‘unregulated sin’ – something the law (legal statutes) don’t cover. In fact it is the very definiteion of legalism, since it knows the law and skirts it. It comes from evil in their hearts – and we are all becoming darkened by this cloud of evil over our heads.

I’m not going to paint myself as some kind of sweet-natured paragon of virtue on this subject – we all speed from time to time, we all do things which skirt the law – what worries me is that I now shout at the computer screen that Theresa May is a poisonous whore! (Don’t laugh! 😉 )

My thoughts are becoming tainted by negative experiences of authority.

We must somehow find a way to hold onto goodness in these dark times, because when Theresa May, Angela Markel and that evil b**** Hillary Clinton are running the show the world is going to get darker very, very fast.

Stories such as Rich’s are all too common. The Home Office has in it Immigration officers who I know lied to retain him in detention – Rich has the paperwork to prove it. Evil in high places needs to not become evil in our places. Somehow we must try to retain good wholesome thoughts in the face of an evil world, evil leadership and moral turpitude in our culture.

I don’t know how this can best be done, but I pray that God will guide me to have good thoughts, and so somehow, even through gritted teeth if necessary, bless those who rule over us.

God Bless you


Germany, Angela Merkel hates you

I’m sorry to break this to you, Germany, but you have had appointed over you leaders who hate you. I’ve written about this before (Link) but in the case of Germany, you are now being branded ‘Far Right’ (a veiled word for ‘Nazi’) if you are demanding that Muslims not be allowed to enter your country and rape your women. Look at this headline:

controlled media

I want to beg you, Germany, DON’T give up! Don’t let these interlopers test the mettle of your country’s defences and find that you are going to allow them to influence your culture to the point where your women are not safe!

But why do I say that Frau Merkel hates you? Just take a little look at this brief video:

That speaks volumes about her attitude to you and everything you stand for. Now see what migrants think of integrating in your country:

So what do you stand for? What WILL you stand for? Just in case you aren’t sure what you stand for – in the eyes of a Brit, I see you as hard working, methodical and practical, proud and capable, cool headed and organised, logical and reasonable. Don’t let the ‘reasonable’ leave you aprey to these evil intruders into your country.

This video is an excellent commentary on the Cologne attacks, and worth everyones time to listen to.

God Bless you, Germany – stand strong and don’t be brow beaten!


Mulling over Cologne and the question – ‘Why Germany?’

Germany has taken more ‘refugees’ than any other European country so far, yet this is very odd, as Angela Merkel was filmed comforting a Palestinian girl on national TV, saying ‘we can’t help everyone’ – this was in July of last year:

merkelThen she promptly throws the door open for hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’ – mostly young men of fighting age. By early September, this was the headline in the Daily Mail: (Click the image to read the article)


So what changed? Why them? Why deport, or threaten Palestinians and a few months later, allow in Syrians, (or more accurately ‘Syrians’ because many of them are not really from there – some are Turkish for example)?

What’s the deal here?

Could there be a biblical significance in this? I recommend you watch this video by Joseph Dumond – it really sets out the significance of Germany to the end times, and neatly ties all this together (even though this video was made two years ago – prior to the ‘refugee’ crisis beginning). I think you’ll find it very interesting.

What are your thoughts on the current crisis – the immigrant behaviour in Europe – from Cologne in Germany to Norway and Sweden – everywhere these people have been welcomed, they seem to want to be given everything and take what they want, and rob and assault the men and rape the women of these generous countries. How long before we recognise that we are being dealt with by God in all this – that He has given us into the hands of our enemies?

God Bless you


Have some cheery pictures of the queen!

Giving and receiving some apparently masonic handshakes. Yes, really. Oh dear, isn’t it depressing – all this stuff hidden in plain sight. I think these are quite funny.

Here’s Ms Merkel of the Holy Roman Empire, oh, I’m sorry, I meant Germany…

merkel mason

And here’s the famous footballer David Beckham giving it his best shot!

Masonic handshake

The queen looks delighted.

But just in case you’re thinking the queen is a pushover in this department, see how she crushes poor Madonna – the look of pain on Madonna’s face is a picture. EIIR 1 Madonna 0

madonnaI’m not even going to speculate about what these handshakes are all about. I think we know that the upper echelons of society (the scum that tends to float), are very good at playing at being in the same club. Handshakes are one way of showing this to each other. Of course they could just be flukes.

God Bless you