Please pray for a miracle for Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans 2.jpg

This little boy has been on life support for some time. As before with Charlie Gard, the doctors want him to die rather than go somewhere else for treatment (for his own good, obviously – can’t have anything to do with pride, can it?). They have, along with the parents, been back and forth to court – the doctors to end his life support, the parents fighting for his life. The child’s rights, we can see clearly, have been separated from the child’s. This is morally abhorrent in cases like these!

But today I saw this headline –

Alfie Evans.jpg

The doctors removed his ventilator assuming he would die quickly, but he is breathing unaided – this is quite amazing. I hope you’ll take a moment to pray for this miracle which has left the doctors “gobsmacked” to be extended now that God alone is in control!

The courts have rejected the father’s attempt to take the child to Italy (in spite of having no treatment options available to him in the UK). I do not know what the Italian doctors think they can do – but we serve a God who can and does do miracles!

Please, Heavenly Father, heal this boy, in Yeshua’s Name we pray! Amen!

God Bless you