Otto Koning – videos for your weekend

Otto Koning was a missionary, and his stories are wonderful! I’m going to put all three of his videos in this post, and I recommend you come back to this post until you have managed to watch all three. These are so entertaning, and yet the messages in all three are profound.

God Bless you



Statistics that speak for themselves: Tasers

“THIRTY-FIVE (35) Americans and ONE (1) Canadian have died so far in 2015 after they were shocked by police with a TASER.” (source: Link)

And 916 or more have died from being hit with a taser over the years. Go to the link above to see the long long long list of names.

Then I find a case like this: (Link)


They are alive, but what on earth do police think they are doing using any kind or weapon, let alone restraining someone who is having a Grand Mal seizure?

This is a gross over-use of the weapon, and this is because police are too gung-ho and aren’t being held responsible for the deaths and injuries that result from that.

I think some of this comes from the attitude displayed in the video in this previous post: Link where a ‘volunteer’ gets zapped with electric stun cuffs and all his colleagues laugh.

It’s time to ban this so-called non-lethal weapon.

God Bless you


Tsipras: a puppet for the elite buy-out of Greece?

Tsipras’ government have just added 10% VAT to food. VAT for those who don’t know, stands for VALUE ADDED TAX – this is designed for all those things you can live without – luxury items (although in the UK it’s on condoms and sanitary towels – hardly luxuries). We don’t put it on real food – it’s on biscuits, but not on cakes (there’s a lot of debate on that I won’t go into). It’s on confectionary. It’s not on fruit and veg.

Some European countries add VAT to food at a few percent – this is not even noticed by the wealthy, but is ENTIRELY REGRESSIVE as a TAX when it is on things people cannot live without. It is effectively stealing from the poor. To pay the bankers. Yes, it should be considered a crime.

Then of course, Tsipras is also SELLING OFF GREEK ASSETS. Can I ask you – who do those assets belong to? The Greek people – Tsipras has no right to do this! To put it on a par – imagine the UK selling off the Isle of Man to some shady moneyed magnate! Or putting it up as collateral on a loan!


What is so offensive about all this is that Tsipras campaigned as a leftist politician. He asked the people in a referendum what they wanted (how much did that referendum cost by the way? They are very expensive to arrange), and then ignored the answer they got:


So just why and how does Tsipras continue to do these things which are against the Greeks?

Tsipras sorosHe’s a puppet, folks. And just in case you think that Soros is just one guy with too much money – according to sources, he is a Rothschild agent. That explains everything, doesn’t it? But why Tsipras?

cipraSo Tsipras is no ‘fluke’ he has the right background, doesn’t he? If anyone can verify the information here and give me a second source, that would be great.

If what I have found is correct, then we can be sure that this man was set up to fail, and Greece will become destitute, it’s poor enslaved – all to please Ms Merkel, the effective (although not crowned) head of the new Holy Roman Empire.

God Bless you


Connecting the dots concerning the present powerbase of satan in America’s National Parks, and the United Nations…

I came across this interesting piece about the people who have mysteriously disappeared from National Parks in the United States. Some 1,400 people have gone missing, some are found, and have no memory of what happened, but some are never found – even though they may have gone missing only yards away from people who knew and loved them. Here’s a quote:

“But it’s the similarities in these cases that leave you dumbfounded. They’re so random and yet so consistent. These people almost always disappear right before record breaking storms show up, almost as if the “thing” that’s taking them knows that it’ll stifle search efforts. The missing are usually children, and they’re always wearing bright clothing. There are physical features of the landscape that show up all the time as well. These people often go missing around berry bushes and granite rocks, and when they’re found, it’s usually in dry creek beds. There are also certain parks that are hotspots for this activity, such as Yosemite National Park, which has racked up a shocking number of disappearances.” Link

So I went to look for ‘spirits of Yosemite National Park’ and found some more information about what the native people’s believe happened to some of those who died in the park:

“Yosemite’s famed waterfalls are also haunted, allegedly with fatal consequences. Among the malevolent spirits: witches who dwell in the pool at the base of 2,420-foot Yosemite Falls, and an evil wind, known as Po-ho-no, that visits 620-foot Bridalveil Fall. According to legend, this soft wind lures unsuspecting travelers to the edge, then pushes them over to the rocks–and certain death–below. More than 900 people have died in the park’s recorded history, and incautious hikers plummet from Yosemite’s waterfalls almost every year.” Link

There are others, but when talking with my other half, I had a momentary thought – why did these areas end up as National Parks in the first place? Why did the natives not dwell there? Then I was reminded of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia – an island the natives would never dwell on. They visited for healing and they buried their dead there, but they would never live there. Of course people do live their now, and it is one of the centres of satanism in British Columbia. My other half told me that they are trying to make all the gulf islands, Salt Spring included, into… a National Park.

I think that if you asked someone like Steve Quayle, he would say these places are portals – interdimensional portals where the demonic is able to sweep in and take what it wants for sustenance or whatever.

When you connect those dots, you can only see the resurgence of the demon gods and powers of old. They have grown so strong on the spiritual food of sin in our societies, they are able to influence serious planning decisions made by humans, to their own benefit. Instead of successfully fighting these demons, their lands are enshrined for them – protected FROM humans who might utter a prayer and weaken their hold.

Then I was reminded of this:

“Babylon, the mud-brick city with the million-dollar name, has paid the price of war. It has been ransacked, looted, torn up, paved over, neglected and roughly occupied. Archaeologists said American soldiers even used soil thick with priceless artifacts to stuff sandbags.

But Iraqi leaders and United Nations officials are not giving up on it. They are working assiduously to restore Babylon, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and turn it into a cultural center and possibly even an Iraqi theme park.

No one is saying this is going to happen anytime soon, but what makes the project even conceivable is that the area around Babylon is one of the safest in Iraq, a beacon of civilization, once again, in a land of chaos.” Link

The United Nations wants to re-build Babylon? Here’s Glenn Beck talking to Joel Rosenberg about that (and the significance for the end times):


Then this:

“The muddy find in September 1954 provoked urgent debate. Winston Churchill’s cabinet discussed it three times. A huge new office block – for insurance firm Legal & General – was being built on the site of the Temple of Mithras, described as the Roman discovery of the century. Building work was stopped. People would be able to see it for two weeks before the remains were packed up and moved. A few hundred visitors were expected on day one. Instead about 35,000 queued round the block. […]

Now the ruins are going back whence they came. Media giant Bloomberg is building its European HQ on land that takes in the original site. The Temple of Mithras will be reconstructed underneath the office block at the exact spot it was built in AD240 – ground level in Roman London is seven metres below today’s city.” Link

Bloomberg? Owned by Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City? The very one.  Why would he want to spend corporate dollars rebuilding a pagan temple?

I can only conclude that the devil now has his pawns in all the right roles. These people are powerful, often psychopathic, and ready to do his will.

Will these sites see sacrifice again to the demon gods who dwelt there in ancient times? Why does the National Park’s Service keep no record of the people who go missing? Why are Park staff bound by contract to not talk to the public about what they know of the disappearances? What do they know? Visit the site  and watch the trailer, and if you can, help the man who is investigating the disappearances – he’s trying to fund a documentary on the subject.

I have more questions than answers – leave me a comment if you have a info on this!

God Bless you


Stefan Molyneux on Planned Parenthood – MUST WATCH!

I am not always a fan of Stefan’s videos, but he has absolutely nailed this argument over Planned Parenthood and your relationship to the state – more importantly the state’s relationship to you and your conscience! Please share!

God Bless you


America’s collectivist future

I’m saying this is for America, but this coming ‘plantation’ economy is only a blue-print for all of us as well, under the UN and TTP/TTIP. What is happening in America is also being documented in ways I have not see for, say, the United Kingdom.

I used to watch Glenn Beck when he was still at Fox, and I was witness to him waking up. Every episode he’d have a more and more worried look, and he went from being a goof-ball entertainer to a worried, depressed and very serious man in the space of about a year. I started off seeing this transformation in him and thought – ‘Yes, Glenn, now you’re getting somewhere!’ Then his information overtook mine, and I was in awe to what he was discovering was planned for the United States of America.

His show was where I first saw this clip, of Maxine Waters (it’s at around 1 minute mark) – pay attention to the two people in screen with her and their reactions:

Nationalising the oil companies – how many of us might cheer for that? Well  Obama signed an executive order in 2012 – Number 13603:

“When President Obama signed Executive Order 13603, entitled, “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” in 2012, many immediately saw it for what it certainly can be: An order mobilizing a huge force of American slave labor.

The 10-page document is essentially a blueprint for a complete federal takeover of the entire U.S. economy, an act that dwarfs, by far, what Obamacare has successfully taken over (the entire health insurance market, for starters).

In particular, the plan calls for taking control of:

— “all commodities and products… that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”;

— “all forms of energy”;

— “all forms of civil transportation”;

— “all usable water, from all sources”;

— “health resources… drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”; and

— forced labor (or “induction” as the Executive Order delicately refers to military conscription).” Read the full article here: Link

All it will take is a war to kick off the use of this order, yes?

We of course hope the current tensions, say with China, or Russia, or Ukraine, or Syria (take your pick!) will come to nothing, but a mysterious site involved in military contracting has published some ominous statistics for the United States over the next ten years:

deagel US

I hope you can read that (link here) – yes the US population is set to fall by 79.7%  to just 65 million by 2025. They list the sources for their data as:

“Sources: US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, World Bank and European Union.”

Now if you think this is because of Yellowstone, I hate to say that if you look for the UK on Deagel, or many other westernised countries, you will see big drops too – UK by 64.6% for example, and Australia by 60.5%

This is, in my view, a planned genocide – methods not as yet known, but we can be sure that war will be only one part of an arsenal of weapons used against us, the people, the enemy (apparently) of these elites.

Notably France and Germany will see drops too, but lower – less than 40%. Go and check the list out for yourself here: Link and you can hover your mouse over any of the downward arrows or upward arrows on each country’s page to find the percentage rise or fall in population.

How do we resist this evil? We are in the end times. Now is the time to decide where you stand spiritually. There is no ‘non-dualism’ answer to this. Only the God of the bible is able to save us, and not from what might happen, but for life in Him.

God Bless you