What market correction should mean in real markets

Years ago I ran a small horticultural business, and I recall a more experienced nurseryman than I explaining the cause and effect of a ‘market correction.’

Say you start a small annual event – a plant sale. You invite just ten nurseries and you advertise it like crazy. Those ten nurseries all have a fabulous day, and book to come again next year.

Then you decide that you are onto a winner, so you invite fifteen nurseries the following year, and as the event is still new you advertise like crazy and everybody has a good day.

Year three you invite twenty nurseries, and advertise in the same old places as last year. Everybody has an OK day – numbers through the gate are static.

The year after you invite twenty five nurseries, and again everyone has an OK day – the take is a little lower, and you’re seeing more hobbyist nurseries there, which pad out the professionals, making the place look very full, but lots of stock is repeated amongst the different sellers.

Year five, and you invite thirty nurseries. Everyone’s take is down. Your event is so established by now that the numbers through the gate are steady, but each nursery is taking less, because there is too much stock, too many vendors, and the money is the same, so everyone gets a bit less.

Year six, and nurseries (in fact the professional ones) have moved on to other events, and aren’t booking yours. The amateurs are still there, although a few have given up.

You have an aha moment, and do a reset. The year after, you invite the fifteen best nurseries, and begin again. Everybody has a great day.

Why is this relevant? Well you only have to look at the British High Street, where cheap clothes have been the order of the day for so many years, that the likes of myself, well I buy on ebay second hand, or from charity shops – because the quality of the high street shops is abysmal.

You know what you want, as a consumer. You want clothes that last – warm in the winter, and light in the summer. They need to wash well, retain their shape, and be well made enough to last for a few years at least (particularly everyday classics).

But you cannot buy clothes like this today. If you buy from the High Street, the clothes are thin, often shapeless, the seams come undone, they don’t last, or if they make something good, you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t repeat the design the following year.

This is why we need a reset in real markets – I’m talking about our shopping experience, I’m talking about our choices. I’m talking also about the moral choices – can I buy an organic, fair trade cotton T shirt on the high street? Nope. Can I buy one like that with 1% lycra in it, so it’ll keep it’s shape? Nope.

I could buy endless shapeless garments with upside down crosses on them. Yes really (at least last season – I actually went looking today and found the motherload – another post will follow this one with the best of 2015 illuminati clothing!). I can buy junk clothes which are so unsuitable for an adult you can’t believe they bothered to manufacture them. I can buy blouses with GEORGETTE SLEEVES in the WINTER!!!!

I can buy acrylic cardigans. I can’t buy warm woolen anything unless I want to go off the High Street (or am aged 50 plus).

You can't force it!
You can’t force it!

So when clothes shops struggle, they get in the venture capitalists. They wring ever more profit from a dead donkey, by cutting staff, and cutting wages, and cutting what they pay for product, and that company wins out – the other guy, who might have had an ounce of morals, or even a better product, he goes to the wall.

Every market has a breaking point – falsely keeping a market buoyant with venture capital or other management techniques would be like staying with the thirty nurseries and just allowing anyone to provide the lowest common denominator product – the public get switched off very quickly – why is there so much High Street gloom – because you can’t even buy a quality item!

Even good old M&S has succumbed to the race to the bottom – this started when they brought out their own £10 jeans – who wants £10 jeans!? I want jeans that are well cut, look good, made of nice quality fabric and will last. They want £10 from me this year, and then £10 from me next year. I want to give them £18 now, and see ya in a couple of years time!

Who wants a £5 or even a £3 Tshirt? I want one which is well made, warm in winter, good cut and a little lycra to keep it’s shape – like I said – it’s a no can do.

Some High Street shops must fail in order for any to survive lean times. It was the same with the nursery game, and it’s one of the reasons I quit – I wasn’t making enough money. My market share will have gone to another business – that is just business, neither bad nor good!

We need a market reset for the High Street, and I urge you to put your money when your morals are. Maybe it’s time to get the sewing machine out!

God Bless you



Banning cash – the FT gets behind the New Age to push modern Nazism

Oh yes! Those evil fiends want to remove our right to privacy in our financial transactions. Do you know what it costs a small business to accept a credit card payment? Last time I saw, it was something like £1.48! For the non-profit where I saw that sign, this is a huge dent.

Here’s a snippet from Libertyblitzkrieg

“….the Financial Times publishes an article titled, The Case for Retiring Another “Barbarous Relic.”  When you start to see increased propaganda about banning cash, you know the status quo is very scared and things are getting very serious. You’ve been warned.” (read more here: Link)

Oh yes – well let’s take a quick look at Constance Cumbey’s book, the hidden dangers of the Rainbow. This is where Constance is comparing the bible to the New Age authors:

Dangers of the rainbow snippet cCash will be banned.

This is part of the great ‘religious movement’ towards a one-world government, a one-world religion, and total oppression of the masses.

We must not consent.

God Bless you


I own my house, but I still pay rent…

It’s called council tax. I don’t really own my house, do I? I understand that services have to be paid for, but I also know that I cannot reduce my bill by not using services. It’s a form of legalised (rather than lawful) extortion.


Well with the advent of new laws (Link) proposed in California, which would require adults to be vaccinated or face jail, this begs the question – do I own myself?

If I don’t, at what point did I sign a document to say I rescind my right to self-government? I don’t remember doing that. In fact I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a Faustian pact like that.

Was your grandfather or father called up – conscripted – during the first or second world wars? The same issue applies – we don’t own ourselves, except that we do.

We MUST assert our rights, and refuse on every ground (and there are lots) to allow things we believe to be wrong to be foisted on us, our children, our homes, our schools and our churches.

I believe that the reason the state has got so handy at taking kids away from parents is to prepare them for just such laws – how many will dare to refuse if they face losing their kids if they refuse vaccination?

(I recommend that you don’t sign them over to the state in the first place (Link))

Instead of allowing this over-reach by government, we must HOLD DOCTORS FULLY LIABLE THEMSELVES. A few class actions from parents, just for the distress caused by having their kids forcibly vaccinated is a good start.

vaccine ingredients

We must use the tools we have, and resist, resist, resist, at every turn this walk down the dark alley to oppression.

God Bless you


Will you stand with me in prayer?

Let’s take a moment to pray.

Father in Heaven, Yehovah, we come before You now only by the righteousness of Your beloved son, Yeshua, but we come now and ask You to move Your arm – to move with power and might and miracles in the lives of the oppressed and persecuted. May the enemies of Your children be dismayed and brought to their knees in wonder at the miraculous unshackling of those captives. May You become a move within the ranks of the evil to change them into children of righteousness themselves. May they turn to You now, because we know that every knee will bow!

Let us, Yehovah, stand strong and mighty in Your strength. Let us remember always your promises to us, and count on them. Let us know the wrongs that stand between us and your providence, if there are any, so that we can come into freedom.

Yehovah, teach us to love what You love, and teach us to hate what You hate, and give us discernment in these troubled times.

We ask this in Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen

For daily reminders of God’s promises, visit www.365promises.com every day.

no exceptions

God Bless you


UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington – William Mount

Is it true? Could it be? Are they really out to destroy the forests that they have been systematically killing off with the geoengineering poisons? Many have stated that the forests are dead. Dane Wigington has stated that the trees are dying, that wildlife has left, and that the air is so dried out by the geoengineering that it is more conductive – so even just a lightning bolt could start a serious wildfire. But William Mount (Link) has this, and I quote:

“I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.

This eye witness (Infantry Veteran) also sighted another odd looking aircraft fire a light beam into the woods and a forest fire erupted shortly afterwards.

These reports are spot on when it comes to location of the fires and is identical to reports of other fires starting across Washington State I have received.

Basically: These fires are being started by US And UN aircraft.

Washington State is under attack by the United Nations and United States Corporation and since the US Nationals Forests currently belong to the government of China they are technically AT WAR with China and thus (According o the original and 2nd treaties signed) at war with the entire “BRICS Set Of Nations.”

Please remember that the UN Lucifer Trust folks stated several times in the last two months they intend to “Turn Up The Heat”

I have a personal friend who makes a very inexpensive Non-Toxic Biodegradable product that you can spray on either grass or trees that prevents them from burning and he was told to “Stay The HELL Away From Us:” by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Procurement Officer.

They want you dead.”

He also put out this potentially informative video back in April, which I leave here for your interest:

I don’t want to spread fear. I don’t want to believe this at all. But it makes sense when you look at what the END goal is. The end goal is a world government. The only way you’re going to get that and get everyone to agree to it is if you take their homes, destroy their farms, poison their water and create a global catastrophe. If you start in the states, you’ve hit the king pin, haven’t you? You’ve made it so that you can easily knock down every other pin – the beacon of freedom is laid waste! Every other country will topple to the will of those who can destroy the US.

rockefeller scum

kissinger scum


We know that America is now corrupted. We know our governments are evil beyond measure – so how long before we cry out to the UN to come and save us?

This is the plan. We must stand firm and reject any notion of outside help.

God Bless you


Is a collapse, or a ‘natural’ disaster planned for late September?

Or are they just trying to drain us emotionally and spiritually from all the fear propaganda that is out there?

Time and time again, we are being shown how awful things are going to be, how dreadful, and afraid we should be of this date, or this happening or this boogeyman.

kissinger scum

Like December 21st 2012 – it didn’t happen, but the build up caused suicides amongst the population.

Satan wants you scared. God wants you prepared – and trusting in Him.

This video may be something, or it may be nothing. Don’t allow yourself to fall into hopelessness, but remember that either

a) nothing was planned except the harvesting of your fearful energy, or

b) the exposing of the plan stopped them from going ahead, or

c) we’re going home soon to be with the Lord (and yes it may be a bumpy drive to get there).

September the 23rd-24th is the Day of Attonement. I encourage you to collect with your fellow Christians and take that day to pray for forgiveness for yourselves, for your City, for your County and for your Country.

God Bless you


Markets suffering from a tide of ‘ethical drift’, rather than out and out criminality?

Zero Hedge points out that the Bank of England may have just admitted that markets are not real (and thus are FAKE!). Well I agree, but they missed one vital thing in the BOE’s website blurb. ‘Ethical drift.’ (Link)

ethical drift“In order for markets to regain their social license [in other words the tacit approval of the population], it is vital that public authorities and private market participants work together to reverse the tide of ethical drift.’ (source)

They haven’t, clearly, committed crimes, actual or moral, no they’ve just suffered from ‘ethical drift.’

Regulation hasn’t prevented this, the general disgust of the populace hasn’t prevented this, and any internal conscience they ought to have has also not prevented this. Oh no! They’ve just drifted.

It’s right up there with being ‘economical with the truth’ – that phrase was a direct quote from Robert Armstrong, UK Cabinet Secretary, and here’s the exchange where he was questioned by Malcolm Turnbull in 1986

Q: So that letter contains a lie, does it not?
A: It contains a misleading impression in that respect.
Q: Which you knew to be misleading at the time you made it?
A: Of course.
Q: So it contains a lie?
A: It is a misleading impression, it does not contain a lie, I don’t think.
Q: What is the difference between a misleading impression and a lie?
A: You are as good at English as I am.
Q: I am just trying to understand.
A: A lie is a straight untruth.
Q: What is a misleading impression – a sort of bent untruth?
A: As one person said, it is perhaps being economical with the truth.

Well, ‘ethical drift’ is a great phrase, let’s make sure they never forget this one – I don’t think that the behaviour of Rothschild and his minions can be referred to as ‘ethical drift’ – they have played a long game to win all the value in everything. They have printed fake money and purchased real assets with it. They should be banned from ever working in any organisation ever again, electronically tagged and dumped in a council estate on unemployment benefits. That would be a much cheaper alternative than prosecuting and jailing them – jail is expensive.

The scum that floats on our society is covering every inch – it is having a darkening effect on the once pure waters below. Those of us below, these days, are far more likely to join in with the unethical behaviour we see modelled for us by those on high – we have become resentful of any sense of duty to the country we once might have had – this is a real shame. We have been lead astray by those who the elites have put in charge.

One last thing – when they bring out WWIII to resolve (distract from) the coming crisis – don’t join in. Refuse to send your sons and daughters to fight. Become a conscientious objector. Refuse to fight. Do not give your life for the Rothschild cabal.

God Bless you