I love this…. yet I hate to be the bearer of bad news

Mr Rothschild's piggy bank

I’m sorry, lovely person who started this fund raiser for Greece – you are awesome by the way, really – it’s just that you’re basically creating a tip jar for Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies, who are charging Greece 22% interest on the money they owe. This is outrageous, of course, but these are the rules.

You on the other hand, are already a debt slave for the UK’s debt. Debt which is owed to Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies.

We need to end the banking system of usury, not feed it with our generosity which is really aimed at PEOPLE, and not these banks at all.

The Greeks are going to need your money – find a way to give it to the people, and you will have done something amazing.

God Bless you



Stun cuffs for prisoners – “They must be controlled”

Wow, you need to read the full article here: Link. I quote:

“What gives an electric jolt as strong as a typical Tase but is designed for prisoners already in police custody rather than suspects not yet arrested? Wireless “Stun-Cuffs” from Myers Enterprises. “Today’s criminal is more hardened, desperate, and more dangerous than ever,” its imperfectly punctuated brochure warns. “Whether taking a prisoner for a doctor visit, transporting them for trial, interrogations or dealing with a prisoner that is under the influence. They must be controlled.”

Here’s how the devices work: A prisoner’s wrists or ankles are cuffed––and then, if the person holding the transmitter desires, he or she can send tens of thousands of volts of electricity coursing through the prisoner’s body from a distance of up to 100 yards. As the brochure puts it: “A demonstration of this in front of a prisoner and they will know if they are out of compliance the Single Cuff model will drop them.””

Now watch the video – listen to the laughter – these people are very sick and twisted individuals. In no way should they be anywhere near prisoners, or have anyone under their control.

While I’m at it, let me just drop this here: Our own Home Secretary, Theresa May, has a Twitter account, and here is her tweet from January…

what theresa may really thinksI like the ‘burden’ of freedom, Theresa, so please don’t get any ideas about bringing these evil contraptions to the UK.

Remember that you govern by consent. I am glad to say that I have watched you say those very words when interviewed. I truly don’t know what you were thinking when you posted this tweet!

God Bless


The fish – symbol of Christianity?

I found this last night, and I’ve heard similar information in the past – and it all confirms that God’s word is clear – NO IMAGES! Even the cross as a symbol has all kinds of problems and issues (it is likely that Yeshua was crucified on a pole rather than a cross).


So what this site (Link) has to say is interesting:


Greeks, Romans, and many other pagans used the fish symbol before Christians. In pagan beliefs, Ichthys was the offspring of the ancient Sea goddess Atargatis, and was known in various mythic systems as Tirgata, Aphrodite, Pelagia, or Delphine. The word also meant “womb” and “dolphin” in some tongues. Before Christianity adopted the fish symbol, it was known by pagans as “the Great Mother”, and “womb”. Its link to fertility, birth, and the natural force of women was acknowledged also by the Celts, as well as pagan cultures throughout northern Europe. In certain non-Christian beliefs the fish also has been identified with reincarnation and the life force.[4]

It goes on to give the symbolic meaning of the symbol in the way it was used in Christianity:

“Symbolic meaning

ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthus) is an acronym/acrostic[5] for “Ίησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ“, (Iēsous Christos, Theou Yios, Sōtēr), which translates into English as “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”.

Iota (i) is the first letter of Iēsous (Ἰησοῦς), Greek for “Jesus“.

Chi (ch) is the first letter of Christos (Χριστός), Greek for “anointed”.

Theta (th) is the first letter of Theou (Θεου), Greek for “God’s”, the genitive case of Θεóς, Theos, Greek for “God”.

Upsilon (y) is the first letter of (h)uios[6] (Υἱός), Greek for “Son”.

Sigma (s) is the first letter of sōtēr (Σωτήρ), Greek for “Savior”.

This explanation is given among others by Augustine in his Civitate Dei,[7] where he notes that the generating sentence ” Ἰησοῦς Χρειστὸς [sic] Θεοῦ Υἱὸς Σωτήρ” has 27 letters, i.e. 3 x 3 x 3, which in that age indicated power.[8] Augustine quotes also an ancient text from the Sibylline oracles[9] whose verses are an acrostic of the generating sentence.”

The last paragraph should tell you everything you need to know – “the generating sentence has 27 letters […] which in that age indicated power.” This is NOT scriptural!

So please ponder this information and ask yourself if a symbol which was ever used for pagan worship or veneration can ever be then used as a symbol of our faith in God? I don’t believe so.

The site has useful information on many symbols: Link

For my previous post on images, click here: Link

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

God Bless you


Bible archaeology – Sodom

This video, with archaeologist Ron Wyatt, shows ruins which he claims are of Sodom and Gomorrah – I found this video fascinating, because his claims are extremely plausible in light of the way the materials found were affected by literal fire and brimstone.

I hope you’ll enjoy learning more about this.

God Bless you


Info, disinfo and more disinfo

Oh I had to post this, because we are in big trouble – humanity, that is!

This guy is very well describing the problem of shills in our media – we are aware the mainstream is lying to us, and we seek the truth, so we go to the alternative. We can’t help looking for the truth, and when we find a passionate voice, we are liable to follow that person and listen to their viewpoint.

So he’s talking about Russell Brand. Now Russell Brand might seem like nobody to you – you probably don’t listen to him, think he’s a reprobate, sex-obssessed man, and not a Christian. I suspect you are right on those things – that’s between him and God.

However, there are many who do listen to him, and he’s being outed here as a Fabian Society member – thoroughly establishment if true, and being used to mislead his followers for some end that suits the state.

I agree that Russell Brand is a dangerous shill – he’s out to influence, and yet dates a woman who is a Goldsmith family member… thoroughly establishment!

It’s what happens next that is so disturbing.

The guy in the video is talking about raising Kundalini energy (the serpent flame – no coincidence), up the 33 vertebrae and activating the pineal gland – and then says something so shocking – that I had to post it: he say:

“that’s why these men are in charge of the planet – they’re fully realised human beings, yeah.”


No – they are satanists and deviants. They want to destroy large swathes of humanity in as profitable a way as possible – if that makes them fully realised human beings, then we are in much greater trouble from the New Age Movement than we think.

Watch the video (the comments about Kundalini start at the 13.30 minutes mark)

The New Age Movement has become so ingrained that people cannot see it as an arm of the establishment – it is part of the strategy to demote humanity to lower than creation. I also really recommend the following video for information about the New Age – and look at the time when Constance Cumbey started finding this information – early 1980’s – when the dream strategy of Climate Change hadn’t even been invented yet. It’s all tied together.

Let me make this clear – there is NO mention of enlightenment in the bible – God wants you to come to Him as an innocent child – he calls you a sheep, His flock! Be who you are – and allow God to love and provide for you! The truth is in His Word, not in chasing some serpent flame, which will not enlighten you at all!

God Bless you


Just how toxic are vaccines? MUST READ

I promised a while ago that I would do a post on vaccines. I will try to keep this short, because if you read the following statistics, you will know that something is up. No doctor who cares for a patient of ANY age, could plausibly administer these quantities of dangerous metals and not KNOW that it can and WILL cause harm. Vaccines don’t work either – that’s another whole issue, but let’s just stick to what you might be allowing yourself, or your child to be injected with:

This excerpt is from an article you should read all of: Link

due diligence on vaccines 1

The father goes on to say:

“The HEP-B shot alone is almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED. The MMR? The dTap? All have similar amounts.

So in summary Doctor XXXX, when we did our due diligence, this info scared the hell out of us. Especially considering what happened to (our daughter) shortly after the Hep B was administered to her.

Continuing, I mentioned what made us leave our last Doctor was that she wanted to give our daughter 8 vaccinations at once. And in doing the math, that would have added up to more than 1,000 mcg of aluminum. Even when one, who is not familiar with toxicity levels and the science behind them, looks at the chart above can notice that amount isn’t even safe for a 350 pound adult let alone a child who weighs less than 25lbs.

According to the FDA and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), what happens if a child receives more than the maximum required dose of aluminum?

Aluminum builds up in the bones and brain and can be toxic to the body and its organs.

Aluminum “can” cause neurological harm.

Aluminum overdose can be fatal in patients with weak kidney’s or kidney disorders or in premature babies.

(Aluminum Toxicity in Infants and Children, Committee on Nutrition,American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Volume 97, Number 3 March, 1996, pp. 413-416)”

Now, I’m going to add something else which makes the above statistics even more shocking and horrifying. Doctors know, even those who believe that vaccines work, that babies under 1 year old DO NOT HAVE AN IMMUNE SYSTEM TO REACT TO A VACCINATION.

“… it is pointless to administer drugs intended to stimulate antibody production to babies who are too young to produce antibodies. Infants in their first year mostly depend on generalized, non-specific immunity, including (hopefully) immunoglobulins from breast milk, to protect their young bodies from infection. They do not produce antibodies of their own until about age one. Despite this basic fact, the medical establishment insists administering a total of 19 shots, containing 24 vaccines, to infants on the 2, 4 and 6 month pediatric visits (Source: cdc.gov). Somehow, the basic facts of human physiology and development do not apply to vaccines.”

Yes you read that right – vaccines under 1 year of age have NO BENEFIT.

Now, I am going to give you the link for the above and below quotes, that you need to read all of, and I’m going to post just the exchange the author recorded, which states exactly that:

“Here’s the transcript of this shocking exchange:

Q. So the science seems fairly clear that for the first year of life, probably, that the immunization is not stimulating the kind of response we expect it to stimulate.

A. True.

Q. So what’s the rationale for continuing to do that if it’s not doing what it’s supposed to be [doing]?

A. The vaccines are given at pediatric wellness visits, and the idea is that you are training the parent to bring their child in at all the pediatric wellness visits, and that it’s only the year visit that actually is truly important. But that for most parents you are not going to get them to bring their kid in if they don’t come in at two months, four months, and six months. And so it’s actually more of a training thing.

It’s interesting, I was on the phone with [?] county public health last week, with one of their vaccine nurses. She was like, ‘Oh, you’re talking about vaccines? Make sure you tell them they have to do that year shot because the first three [the 2, 4 and 6 month shots] don’t work.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ [laughter].”

So if they don’t work and are incredibly toxic, what are they for?

I think satan’s plan to reduce population might be part of that picture. Bill Gates is caught here dropping that in – don’t let your nomalcy bias stop you from believing that what he says is what he means – vaccines reduce population:

And you may wonder how vaccines can render a woman infertile? Well scientists are very clever:

“In Paul Ehrlich’s crude fantasy, The Population Bomb, “compulsory birth regulation” was to be achieved by polluting the water supply with “mass sterilizing agents.” But more sophisticated population controllers dreamed of a contraceptive vaccine that would, with the stick of a needle, sterilize women for years, or a lifetime.

This dream became a reality in the early 1990s, when researchers learned that mixing human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-HCG) with tetanus toxoid resulted in a vaccine that not only protected women against tetanus but, when given in a series, could be used to render them infertile as well. Trials showed that two vaccinations, or even three, were insufficient. To trick a woman’s immune system into successfully attacked her own beta-HCG – the pregnancy hormone without which any babies she conceived could not survive – a series of five injections was required.”

The article goes on to state:

“So the population controllers at the United Nations – for the good of humanity of course – apparently came up with a plan.

They would carry out “tetanus vaccination campaigns” among young women in developing countries without informing them that they were being vaccinated against pregnancy at the same time. Such campaigns were reportedly carried out in Mexico in 1993, the Philippines and Nicaragua in 1994, and in Peru the following year.

In each case the campaigns were dogged by controversy. Local doctors raised questions about why it was necessary to give a series of five vaccinations against tetanus at six-month intervals rather than the usual two or three. They also observed that women who had been vaccinated miscarried in large numbers or were unable to conceive at all. Finally, tests carried out by Catholic doctors in Peru and the Philippines showed that the World Health Organization (WHO) vaccines were tainted with beta-HCG, results that the WHO brushed off as accidental contamination.

[…] Now the same UN agencies are back, carrying out the same kind of vaccination program on the young women of Kenya.”

Read more at the link

Now with California being the first state to do away with all religious or personal objections to vaccination, the spectre arises of forced vaccination. Now why would that be necessary if vaccinations worked?

If I am not vaccinated and you are, how can me getting sick be a threat to you?

Vaccines don’t work. That is a fact. I will add another long post on this subject later, but for now, just think on these facts:

Vaccines are dangerously toxic

Vaccines are useless under the age of 1, yet are routinely given in large numbers below that age

Vaccines may contain all kinds of things which may harm, not just metals

Doctors cannot be naive about the potential damage these injections can cause

I hope you’ll think carefully now before you consider vaccination of you child, yourself or even your pet.

God Bless you