… and then if you understand the symbolism too…

(here’s a link which gives quite a good over-view, although many disagree of course: Link)

Don’t let money control your life – give your life over to God for Him to control. Let Yeshua into your life, and follow His ways. Remember that God will provide.

God Bless you



Dr Judy Wood talks about the towers on 9/11

This video was a real wake-up point for me. I’d heard Dr Wood talk before, but never seen her present – when I did, I could see the visuals and her information connecting in a fascinating way.

Whether you believe that 9/11 was an inside job or not, you need to watch this video.

God Bless you


Men being taught to hate themselves

How’s about this for a bit of completely warped and self-hating writing from a man who really hates men:

“There is a birth defect that is surprisingly common, affecting a key pair of chromosomes. In the normal condition the two look the same, but in this disorder one is shrunken beyond recognition. The result is shortened life span, higher mortality at all ages, an inability to reproduce, premature hair loss, and brain defects variously resulting in attention deficit, hyperactivity, conduct disorder, hypersexuality, and an enormous excess of both outward and self-directed aggression. The main mechanism is androgen poisoning. I call it the X-chromosome deficiency syndrome, and a stunning 49 percent of the human species is affected.

It is also called maleness.

To call being male a syndrome is not an arbitrary judgment. It is based on evolution, physiology, development, and susceptibility to disease. Once, all of our ancestors could reproduce from their own bodies; we were all basically female. When biologists ask why sex evolved, they are not asking rhetorically — the fact that sex feels good was a nice addition. What they are asking is: Why did those self-sufficient females invent males? It had to be a very big reason, since they were bringing in a whole new cast of characters who took up space and ate their fill, but could not themselves realize the goal of evolution: creating new life.”

You can read the rest of his article here: Link

This is a man who needs God – as all men do – as we all do. In order to know ourselves and to accept our faults and try to be better people, we all need God and His Word – this should be our guide.

To believe the lie of evolution and then make up this idea that women were self-fertile creatures who invented men – that is the worst kind of defeatist self hatred – God made you – right there in the beginning in Gensis. He loves you. He cherishes you. He wants to be your guide, not the man-hating misandry-writing feminists of the NWO.

We (I am a woman) need strong men. Decisive men. A man, when his energies are channelled into great things, is the very best of men.

I thank God for men.

God Bless you


John Harris R.I.P.

I’m so sad to year that John Harris has passed away. I am hearing this might have been suicide, and if so it is a double tragedy. John was a man who researched and awoke many people to the mysteries of legalese, amongst many other topics. Please pray for his family.

Here is his most well known piece:

Watch and learn

God Bless you


10 Million excess people? Bill Gates’ mask falls…

Here we have Bill Gates at it again. A few years ago he gave a TED talk in which he talked about reducing world population with better hygeine, drugs and vaccines… Now he’s talking about an epidemic which might kill 10 Million ‘excess people’

Excess? I’m sure they aren’t excess in the eyes of God!

Listen to him talk about planning for an epidemic (planning to institute one? No surely not!)

Now let’s take a moment to look at the 1918 Flu epidemic…

What really killed those millions of people?

Aspirin played a significant role in those deaths – the all new wonder drug from Bayer.

I’m quoting here from this Link

“…aspirin is now the likely causative agent.

For the first group, the pneumonias, aspirin suppresses the immune system, allowing bacterial infections to take hold. Doctors at the time were relating pneumonias to the use of aspirin.

“I did not lose a single case of influenza; my death rate in the pneumonias was 2.1%. The salycilates, including aspirin and quinine, were almost the sole standbys of the old school and it was a common thing to hear them speaking of losing 60% of their pneumonias.”
~Dudley A. Williams, MD, Providence, Rhode Island.

“There is one drug which directly or indirectly was the cause of the loss of more lives than was influenza itself. You all know that drug. It claims to be salicylic acid. Aspirin’s history has been printed. Today you don’t know what the sedative action of salicylic acid is. It did harm in two ways. It’s indirect action came through the fact that aspirin was taken until prostration resulted and the patient developed pneumonia.”
~Frank L. Newton, MD, Somerville, Massachusetts

“Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of aspirin in twenty-four hours.”
~Cora Smith King, MD, Washington, DC

For the second group which died so precipitously, their symptoms are consistent with aspirin overdose, accompanied by rapid death.  Starko explains:

“A report from Camp Dix noted, ‘The disease was a veritable plague. The extraordinary toxicity, the marked prostration, the extreme cyanosis and the rapidity of development stamp this disease as a distinct clinical entity heretofore not fully described.’ Salicylate toxicity is often overlooked because another condition is present, the dose is thought to be trivial, and the symptoms (hyperventilation, vomiting, sweating, headache, drowsiness, confusion, dyspnea, excitement [salicylate jag], epistaxis, vertigo, pulmonary edema, and hemorrhage) are nonspecific. In 1918, differentiating progressive salicylate intoxication from infection pathologically or clinically, ‘the dyspnea lasts from a few hours to a day…followed by respiratory failure, circulatory collapse, convulsions, and death’, was almost impossible….

“In summary, just before the 1918 death spike, aspirin was recommended in regimens now known to be potentially toxic and to cause pulmonary edema and may therefore have contributed to overall pandemic mortality and several of its mysteries. Young adult mortality may be explained by willingness to use the new, recommended therapy and the presence of youth in regimented treatment settings (military). The lower mortality of children may be a result of less aspirin use. The major pediatric text of 1918 recommended hydrotherapy for fever, not salicylate; its 1920 edition condemned the practice of giving ‘coal tar products’ in full doses for reduction of fever…. Varying aspirin use may also contribute to the differences in mortality between cities and between military camps.”

The cause of the millions of 1918 deaths is not just an historic matter. Since that time, medical authorities, international health agencies and governments have attributed the deaths to a frighteningly virulent virus.  Their view of 1918 has formed the basis for a great threat — that the world faced future pandemics of equal virulence, capable of killing millions.”

So, Bill, the cat is out of the bag. Like the epidemic of magnesium and other mineral deficiencies, caused by RoundUp, this next epidemic must be viewed with great suspicion. I suspect the plan is to ‘vaccinate’ the population.

Except vaccines don’t work – they only poison the body. That statement needs a whole post of it’s own – I’ll get on to that another time.

Watch what you are being prepared for – for the media to carry his words UNCRITICALLY means they want you to accept the notion that this epidemic or pandemic will happen, and that there are 10 Million ‘excess people’ in the world.

Please share this post far and wide – it’s time to alert others.

God Bless us all