Amazon and the corporate mop-up of all trade – at any price

In the United Kingdom Amazon has paid very little tax – it keeps saying it’s not making a profit. In fact if you or I were as unprofitable as Amazon, and indeed were on, for example tax credits, the government might tell you to quit your business and get a job!

But Amazon has set out to create a behemoth business out of killing off all their competition. You know those nice little book shops where people knew stuff – and could recommend things to you? All disappearing! Of course Amazon Marketplace is where a lot of these businesses are now hanging out – selling books for a penny second-hand, or selling at discount – beating Amazon prices.

In fact it often doesn’t look as though Amazon wants to sell books at all. I have noticed many titles where the prices Amazon want you to pay are extortionate. So how come they aren’t paying any tax?

If you could undercut every other business in your sector long enough to cause them to close their high street presence, and maybe retreat to a box-room or garage, or to a small warehouse – well pretty soon you’d have no competition, and in fact would have them dependent on you as their ‘marketplace’. All the while they are selling on your marketplace, you are taking money off them, and they, being small businesses are paying taxes too. However you, somehow, undercut everyone and never make a profit….

Well that’s the idea, really – put them all out of business and then you can charge what you like. Put them out of business and create a monopoly – one which employs Brits, but contributes nothing to Britain.

Oh and just look how they treat their staff! I quote:

AmazonYou can sign the petition against this here: Link

Amazon wages are the least of the issue, in my view. If putting all competition out of business and thus creating a large turnover with no profit to speak of is the business plan, then staff treatment is never going to be a high priority. In fact if you want to read how they get treated, in their own words, click here: Link

But Amazon are not alone – look at this lovely graphic from the guardian news site showing turnover versus tax paid in the UK:

How-much-tax-is-paid 2012You can read their article here: Link

Companies like Amazon are a good reason to re-consider profit based taxation. How about abolishing taxation below £30,000 turnover for small businesses, and then charging a flat rate up to £1million turnover. Over £1million? We want, say 10% of your turnover. Not your profit, because you have clever accountants, but your turnover.

To put this in perspective, last year I paid 30% of my profits in tax and additional national insurance payments. This was on a tiny income!

vodafoneWe need to find a way to make the marketplace work for ALL businesses, not just the ones who can afford to hire the fancy accountants.

Give me your thoughts!

God Bless you



The glass generation – when self-care amounts to narcissism

I posted a powerful image in my last post – a homeless man, with the caption:

“I’m just checking my white cis hetero male privilege.”

I tagged it ‘Glass generation’ and now I want to write about what that means.

I feel that youngsters today have become a glass generation – the black kids are eaten up by this idea of white privilege (which isn’t real), and women are eaten up by the idea of ‘rape culture’ which I cannot say is any more believable. Youngsters are swapping tales of the ‘micro-aggressions’ they experience, and all of this is allowing them to fall into the hands of the NWO. They are so worried about whether they are gay/straight or even male/female, that they are not paying attention to what really matters!

This kind of self-absorption, that would allow those who join the military to carry a red card in their pocket which they can whip out anytime they feel they are being pushed too hard, or vicitmised, or if they break a fingernail (I made the last one up, really), is the perfect seed bed for narcissism, which is really what it is.


We might say this generation is soft, but I think it’s worse – they are brittle. They are so afraid of failure that they won’t attempt  a driving exam. They feel so vulnerable that they won’t even try things which might result in a moment of being less than perfect. Social media may be partly to blame for this – when the crowd get to judge every status you post, failure takes on a whole different hue – real friends are much kinder to our feelings than people are on the internet.

I came across this brittleness with a new student who is such a capable young man, but because he had failed at age 14 at reading in public, he completely failed to even try to read out the prepared text I had for him, even though it was just the two of us (and I have known him for years).

But what was also interesting was his inability to exclude from the session his expression through body language of just how irritating he found this and me. He was clearly unsettled, but he was also annoyed, bored – kept tapping things, getting up and so on. Very little attention span even when I was reciting the work to try to encourage him.

My other half has observed that young people don’t seem to converse – they don’t reply to each other, they speak and then they stop speaking and someone else speaks – they aren’t really listening to each other. Is this narcissistic? Yes. But is it caused by narcissism, or by simple lack of being taught the social skills to listen effectively.

So kids are lacking social skills, and are easten up with fears of any boogey man that the state wants to put before them (through the media).

They are becoming hyper-sensitive, and their self-care now amounts to narcissism.

What is going to become of us if this continues?

God Bless you


Planned Parenthood Global, and IPPF in their own words:

My emphasis added, and my comments in [square brackets]:

Welcome to Planned Parenthood Global, the international division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

For more than 40 years, Planned Parenthood Global has been working overseas in partnership with local advocates, medical service providers, youth leaders and more to ensure that women, men, and young people in some of the world’s most neglected areas have access to the health care they need to control their bodies and their futures. [the way the west wants them to]

Around the world, more than 200 million women and girls in developing countries who wish to delay or plan childbirth still lack access to modern contraceptives, information, and services. [developing into what?]

Pregnancy is a leading cause of death for adolescent girls worldwide, with nearly 70,000 killed annually from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. [do they advocate abstinence?]

Half of the world’s population is now under 25. They need our help to grow into the healthiest generation ever. [health = access to abortion?]

Planned Parenthood Global works in partnership with local advocates, medical service providers, and youth leaders to change this reality.  Our partners in 13 focus countries across Latin America and Africa work to:

• Provide tens of thousands of women, men, and young people with sexual and reproductive health education; [western style?]

• Provide contraceptives;

• Increase access to treatment for complications from unsafe abortion;

• Increase access to safe abortion care, where legal;

• And expand laws and policies promoting women’s health in Africa and Latin America.

Visit their site for more: Link

They are connected to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as they state here:

“As the leading U.S. provider and advocate of high-quality, affordable health care for women, men, and young people, as well as the nation’s largest provider of sex education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is proud to be the U.S. Member Association to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a a global network of 152 member associations working in more than 170 countries. Planned Parenthood Global is the international division of PPFA.”

So what does the IPPF do? Let’s look at their website:

Snippet ippf

I hope that’s readable for you – you can look at all the statistics on the original document here: Link

So, they are advocating to change the laws, and in 2014 succeeded in changing 81 laws in 55 countries, 19 of which related to access to safe and legal abortion. In fact they also show elsewhere on the same document that they provided 3.8 million ‘abortion related services’ in 2014.

They are in 170 countries. They are in consultative status with the UN. They are never voted for, and they are using education as a way to control populations which do not know where this will lead them.


evil gates

kissinger agenda

human weeds

It’s working in America, where more black babies were aborted than born in 2012 in NYC: Link

‘Education’ or as I called it here educashun (Link) is part of the problem. When the masses parrot what the MSM says, and the kids are indoctrinated to do the same, and there is no comparison of this to what God says in His Word, we are in trouble.

God Bless you


The credulity of incredulity – satan is real

In an old book written by Lewis Spence, regarding the ‘Occult causes of the present war’ – from the 1940’s there was a phrase I will never forget. He described the ‘credulity of incredulity’ – the perfect seedbed for the work of satan in the lives of milllions. That we could become credulous – believing any cause other than satan, for the problems we see in the world, because of our incredulity at the very idea that satan is real.

In 1735, Great Britain brought in a new law with regard to witchcraft. No longer was witchcraft a believable thing – it was deemed by the great minds of the time to be an ‘impossible crime’ and therefore, it became a crime to pretend to be a witch, and remained so until the fraudulent mediums act of 1951. Source: Link

Is this ‘normalcy bias’, this inability to accept the evil we see as having a connection to the evil we have decided is not real? They always say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was in convincing mankind that he isn’t real. I think he’s done this rather well – in most churches there is no awareness of the works of darkness. Where there is illness, there is a doctor – so the congregation is asked to pray for the patient, in the doctor’s hands, and some never even rebuke the works of demons causing the illness!

Witchcraft is alive and well, it is effective, it is dangerous. If the likes of Steve Quayle and others I have heard recently want to say that homosexual marriage is going to bring judgement, then they are forgetting that we are not to suffer a witch to live! Easy for us to step away from that – we can pretend there are no real witches! Many churches also stand with the idea that homosexuality is just another type of ‘love’ – it is not!

We have incrementally been disuaded of our adherence to the Law of Moses, and instead, anything goes – the constitution allows for all these things, by the way!

The devil is real – he is very busy building his NWO, and his minions think they will be powerful when that time comes. I want to end with one verse:

23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Isaiah 45:23 KJV

EVERY KNEE – EVERY TONGUE! However hard things look, this is God’s will and His Word that has gone out to accomplish that will.

Take up your sword – the very word of God – and the spiritual battle is for every Christian to fight. The battle is in the unseen, not this group or that individual, but against the powers, the principalities – demonic forces!

God Bless you


God is the remedy – a bible study about the worries of the world

For all of you feeling worry over the events in the world – be ready to accept God – He is the remedy!

I’m starting with Psalm 34 from Youngs Literal Translation. Note how in verse 4 – it says all – yes from all my fears did deliver me – and in verse 6: from all his distresses saved him – ALL! This psalm is full of promise to those who love and fear Yehovah!

In verse 7, David tells us that A messenger of Jehovah is encamping, Round about those who fear Him, And He armeth them.” Fear Yehovah – and He will protect you.

34 By David, in his changing his behaviour before Abimelech, and he driveth him away, and he goeth. I do bless Jehovah at all times, Continually His praise [is] in my mouth.

In Jehovah doth my soul boast herself, Hear do the humble and rejoice.

Ascribe ye greatness to Jehovah with me, And we exalt His name together.

I sought Jehovah, and He answered me, And from all my fears did deliver me.

They looked expectingly unto Him, And they became bright, And their faces are not ashamed.

This poor [one] called, and Jehovah heard, And from all his distresses saved him.

A messenger of Jehovah is encamping, Round about those who fear Him, And He armeth them.

Taste ye and see that Jehovah [is] good, O the happiness of the man who trusteth in Him.

Fear Jehovah, ye His holy ones, For there is no lack to those fearing Him.

10 Young lions have lacked and been hungry, And those seeking Jehovah lack not any good,

11 Come ye, children, hearken to me, The fear of Jehovah I do teach you.

12 Who [is] the man that is desiring life? Loving days to see good?

13 Keep thy tongue from evil, And thy lips from speaking deceit.

14 Turn aside from evil and do good, Seek peace and pursue it.

15 The eyes of Jehovah [are] unto the righteous, And His ears unto their cry.

16 (The face of Jehovah [is] on doers of evil, To cut off from earth their memorial.)

17 They cried, and Jehovah heard, And from all their distresses delivered them.

18 Near [is] Jehovah to the broken of heart, And the bruised of spirit He saveth.

19 Many [are] the evils of the righteous, Out of them all doth Jehovah deliver him.

20 He is keeping all his bones, One of them hath not been broken.

21 Evil doth put to death the wicked, And those hating the righteous are desolate.

22 Jehovah redeemeth the soul of His servants, And none trusting in Him are desolate!

Yes times are difficult for us – the world is in a mess, and evil forces abound in high places. God’s wrath is kindled against mankind – and we know most of the reasons why. But take comfort, for Yehovah says in Isaiah 54:8-17 (YLT)

In overflowing wrath I hid my face [for] a moment from thee, And in kindness age-during I have loved thee, Said thy Redeemer — Jehovah!

For, the waters of Noah [is] this to Me, In that I have sworn — the waters of Noah Do not pass again over the earth — So I have sworn, Wrath is not upon thee, Nor rebuke against thee.

10 For the mountains depart, and the hills remove, And My kindness from thee departeth not, And the covenant of My peace removeth not, Said hath thy loving one — Jehovah.

11 O afflicted, storm-tossed, not comforted, Lo, I am laying with cement thy stones, And have founded thee with sapphires,

12 And have made of agate thy pinnacles, And thy gates of carbuncle stones, And all thy border of stones of delight,

13 And all thy sons are taught of Jehovah, And abundant [is] the peace of thy sons.

14 In righteousness thou establishest thyself, Be far from oppression, for thou fearest not, And from ruin, for it cometh not near unto thee.

15 Lo, he doth diligently assemble without My desire, Who hath assembled near thee? By thee he falleth!

16 Lo, I — I have prepared an artizan, Blowing on a fire of coals, And bringing out an instrument for his work, And I have prepared a destroyer to destroy.

17 No weapon formed against thee prospereth, And every tongue rising against thee, In judgment thou condemnest. This [is] the inheritance of the servants of Jehovah, And their righteousness from me, an affirmation of Jehovah!

No weapon formed against thee prospereth – see that? NO WEAPON – it doesn’t say ‘most weapons’, or ‘all the least pointy ones’, it says NO WEAPON! Yes, I know you are afraid – remember who to fear! Fear Yehovah – do not fear man! Do not fear the unseen forces – educate yourself in God’s word, and take up your sword (His word) and walk in faith. In 2 Corinthians 5:7, Paul tells us:

for through faith we walk, not through sight

In Isaiah 54:14 it says: “In righteousness thou establishest thyself, Be far from oppression, for thou fearest not, And from ruin, for it cometh not near unto thee.”

Trust in Yehovah – however hard it sometimes seems.

God Bless you