Where is your New Age god?

Here we have Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India – he’s apparently about to spend at minimum £2billion on a new palace for himself, while the poor are struggling in poverty. This is true in all nations – let’s not be foolish and think that other nations do a much better job. However, India has many more poor people than most countries.


We can call him vain, we can point out his greed and wastefulness (Boris Johnson should be forced to stand down for his girlfriend’s expensive taste in wallpaper too). So the money should be the least of our concerns – our concerns should be spiritual. Yes, and there is the heart of the problem, because in Hinduism it is believed that if a person is born low-caste, they are untouchable and that this is their karma. That in fact it harms that person’s ascension to help them (and I will use that word deliberately because it shows the folly of the New Agers even better). If a person is born poor and low-caste (usually they are darker skinned too) then you must not help them, according to hinduism because you are then denying them the opportunity their poverty creates for them to work out their karma and ascend higher in the next life. And that is your New Age god – NOT the God of the bible who says we are to feed the poor, and have mercy on them. We are to clothe them. Our God is a righteous God! He is compassionate and merciful. The New Age god has no mercy.

So as Modi builds his palace, remember that the poor in the New Age (which says all religions worship the same god) will be left to suffer in their poverty. That’s the coming one-world religion.

One more nit to pick in the article, I quote [empahsis added]: “The vainglorious man who now presides over the world’s biggest democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is determined to expunge this symbol of despised colonial rule, and build its replacement far more quickly.”

I will tell you now that Britain is NOT despised in India – in fact it is considered a very valuable thing to be able to speak English and if you can speak it clearly without too much accent that is also to be prized. The press despises it’s own country and people. Shameful gutter press as usual.

God Bless you


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