Just do the math: COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing people

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

From Mark Crispin Miller

Starting with Gibraltar, whose startling numbers were observed, in
early February, byKeith Rushworth, who lives there, and whose analysisI sent out onMarch 7, Gilad Atzmon’s essay demonstrates conclusivelythat those COVID-19”vaccines”are killing people.

My prior email re: Gibraltar (among other evidence) is at this link. Keith’spiece isattached, in case you didn’t read it then.

It is a challenge to stay calmamid this ongoing slo-mo global massacre,but that’s what we must do, to spread the word, while it’s still possible. Those who jeer and/or defame us for it are “good Germans,” who either know not what they do, or are paid agents.


From David Diamond

Gilad Atzmon is a saxophonist who can read WHO statistics
and operate the graphing function in Powerpoint. Apparentlythe last two abilities are unique.

Atzmon charts the dramatic riseincases and fatalities which
immediatelyfollow the introductionof the…

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2 thoughts on “Just do the math: COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing people”

    1. Yes, it’s really scary. I cannot understand their mindset, except to say that when the government coercively controls the people they will take whatever “solution” the government offers to the problem they have created.


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