Feeding the beast – How do we stop?

Oh wow, such a painful realisation came to me a while ago. If we’d known that Bill Gates was a monomaniacal monster with designs on controlling the whole of humanity, we wouldn’t have used his Windows Operating System, would we? We didn’t know, and we have fed this monster and given him wealth which he is now subjugating all of humanity with.

In the last twelve years, since Obama took office, we have see the rise of modern-day Nazis in the form on Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – all throwing their weight around trying to control the narrative (and before anyone tries to tell me that the Nazis were Right Wing, let me remind you that they were National Socialists – left wing).

Without our clicks, these “free” sites could not have amassed such wealth and influence. Without our use of Amazon, Paypal and so forth, these companies could not have such influence in our lives (such strong influence, that smaller competitors cannot even get a look in).

The problem is that we don’t know who the monsters are. We didn’t know Bill Gates was a monster. We didn’t know that the guy who looks like Gandalf, from Twitter, was also a monster. In fact we didn’t know such monsters existed outside of such tales as The Communist Manifesto.

We knew there were problems in the government when we heard Anita Dunn quoting Chairman Mao to students. We knew that, if we watched the right channels at the time, but now, years later we are at a crossroads.

If we continue to use free sites which rely on clicks for income we are feeding them. If we know that they are FOR OUR CAUSE, and FOR OUR GOD (YHWH), then we should be fine – why not give them income, why not feed them? But the majority of sites are now fully embedded in the narrative of the globalists. The majority of sites promote things which God HATES! We need to stop feeding those sites, because it’s like giving bread to our oppressors.

It’s one thing to feed your enemy – it’s like heaping hot coals on his head, according to the Bible. But it’s another thing entirely to feed someone who lurks in the shadows, whose face you do not know, who seeks not just your imprisonment, but desires to take you to hell with him. We don’t know who our enemy is – and we need to think more carefully about which sites we support.

I can tell you that WordPress does not any longer support free speech. It used to, but is now as woke, and left-leaning as every other mainstream platform. This blog exists here because no one has made the effort to complain about it (and because, I believe the hand of God rests upon it), but it will soon be time to move – time to take this body of work – thousands of hours of writing, and researching – to a new platform.

I need your help. Please share any sites you know which are worthy of support. Which you do not think are beasts and monsters. Please share, in particular, godly alternatives to the sites we use everyday – Twitter/Facebook/Ebay/Wordpress/Google/

Thank you. This will remain a sticky post for a while, so do please share your thoughts.

God Bless


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