Is Rishi Sunak a Kabbalist?

Today whilst browsing an article about a TV show we had in the UK, I saw this picture of our chancellor, Rishi Sunak:

sunak kabbalah 1

…and I thought, “what’s that?” He appeared to be wearing a red string Kabbalah bracelet. Hmmm. I thought I had better go and look at some other images of Mr Sunak to see if this is a regular thing, and to get a closer look. Then I found these images:

rishi 2
There appears to be a red bracelet there
rishi 4
Yes, again, very clearly visible
A clearer view
close up 2
A close up

That sure looks like this kabbalah bracelet from etsy:

red kabbalah bracelet

In politics, image is everything. What you appear to be must be crafted to send the right signals to the people who matter. If Rishi doesn’t know that, I’d be very surprised that he has got this far. I think he knows exactly what that means to those in the know.

The bigger question is, what does it mean for our country?

God Bless you


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