Selling incompetence, Part II

I’ve written before about the method being used to draw us into a one-world-government by having our own governments be so “incompetent” that we cry out for better leadership, well, here is the new leader for the New Age… AI. And people actually want this. The insanity of it!

I quote: (Link)

“Fully one in four Europeans said they were “somewhat or totally in favor of letting an artificial intelligence make important decisions about the running of their country,” a number that climbed to one in three for the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, according to a survey by the Center for the Governance of Change, a tech-focused research group from IE University in Spain. The figures remained constant across education levels, gender, and political affiliation, indicating either Europeans are abnormally welcoming of their new robot overlords – or they’re sick of their human ones.

Spoiler alert: it’s likely the latter. While the survey uncovered high levels of technological anxiety across all demographics, even the fear of having one’s job stolen by robots doesn’t hold a candle to Europeans’ antipathy for their political masters…”

Perfect – what could be better than to have our societies run by a “higher power” – AI being superior to any human mind? Oh, we could have had our societies run by the Most High God – YHWH!

But we rejected Him, we wanted a King, and so He gave us a King, and even that wasn’t enough for us, so we created democracy – thinking we could do better running the place on a 51% – 49% mob rule.

That system has led to the creation of the media specifically to manipulate our actions and our votes. Now the idea is to move us towards a one-world man-made “utopia” (which will be communist, naturally) where we will be killed in droves.

It is interesting to see how a society, so in love with itself, the people so narcissistic, could consider giving all their power away to a computer. But God? Perhaps they won’t face the truth of His existence until the day of judgement – so keen are they on getting the perfect selfie for Instagram.

May the fear of the LORD bring you into all wisdom.