Reclaiming the word ‘discrimination’

I thought it was time to remind you – it’s OK to be discriminating!

Selah Ministries

Once upon a time it was a compliment to tell someone they were discriminating. It was a sign of your wise and careful attention to detail in matters. It would be considered wise to ask the advice of a friend who was considered to be discriminating when buying or acquiring anything. A friend who could tell good wool from shoddy was a friend indeed.

Today discrimination is a bad word – no, it’s wrong to be discriminating, unless you add the word ‘positive’ to it. ‘Positive discrimination’ is a false dawn for those who seek equality, because it simply awards the job (or the payout) to the biggest whiner. Quality is sacrificed in favour of a numbers game – we must have so many of this race and that, never mind if they can do the job.

We have lost our way as a result of cultural Marxism. Up is…

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