Self deliverance – a simplified method all Torah followers can try

I’m English.

*clears throat*

We don’t seem to have deliverance ministries in the UK as such. In fact most denominations here deny the need for deliverance at all. When I asked a local pastor for help many years ago, his attitude was that I wasn’t really saved if I had this problem. This denies the simple truth of Matthew 15:22-28 where Christ shows us that deliverance is the children’s bread.

If deliverance is our bread then it sounds like we need it at least fairly often! I mean, its bread, right!? But pastors in my country don’t want to deal with demons at all. They would rather blame the victim (not entirely unfair, as I’m sure you’re aware – we have doors open for them to oppress us through our sins) and provide no escape from the torment.

Another church said to me to “hang out with us” – they wanted me to get involved in their church before they would do anything to help my torment. I took them up on it, but deliverance never came. I only know one person who has ever been through deliverance as administered by another person in this country. Maybe I’m just not getting out enough? Maybe not.

Eventually I got myself a couple of books on self deliverance, and they really helped. They were first hand accounts of a method which I used with great effect. But since then I have found a better way and I want to share it with you.

So first of all, why do you need deliverance? Maybe you don’t – but if you are around the public, or hands on with people (or they are hands on with you!), you need to pray off yourself things you may be picking up day by day.

But from time to time you are going to open a door through sin and something is going to take advantage of that. Perhaps you’ve been feeling very angry lately and you’ve not been so nice, or maybe you’ve even acquired a cursed object and this has opened a door in your life and self to oppression. I don’t think you can be oppressed and not know, but it’s easier and easier every day in this world to deny spiritual oppression and pretend it’s something else. Most go to the doctor and end up on anti-depressants etc. I say take it to God first, and if in doubt, call it out!

You’ll note from the title that I say this is for Torah believers because this method only works if you know what sin is, in my view. Sin is transgression of the law, so begin with asking yourself if you know of any open doors to the devil through sin. Maybe you are not aware of any.

You can sit down in prayer and ask God to reveal to you through His Holy Spirit if there is any sin you have committed which has opened a door to this or any other spirit to oppress you. When you realise the cause, you can repent of it. Always ask God to strengthen you against repeating sins – He will help you!

So repent first.

Then pray as follows:

Heavenly Father, if there is any spirit oppressing me which is not there due to any unrepented of sin, please, I ask you to rebuke it and cause it to come out of me. I ask this in Yeshua’s Holy Name, Amen.

You need to start to deep breathe, and just “get out of the way” – God will do the rest.

You may find your breaths becoming ragged, or your face contorts – just go with it, it will pass very quickly. This part should take no more than one or two minutes.

There’s no tussling, no arguing, and no battle to get them to leave, because when you have repented of the sin, you can do as the Archangel Michael did, when disputing the body of Moses, and ask God to rebuke them. That’s why this is so powerful. God does it, and you just have to grimace and get them out.

It’s both the easiest method and the one which keeps you most well aligned with God and His Torah, because you will quickly find that this helps you to see where you are not walking right with Him.

I’m not saying it’s fun, but it works.

And that’s good because, well, I’m English!

God Bless you


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