Why can’t Christians have nice things?

And no, I don’t mean Christmas, per se. I mean that to keep Christ, and things which are done for him in a well-meaning way, respected and not disparaged.

Feminism, Communism – all the “well-thought-of” isms – they are really out to destroy all that is good. The idea that feminism is good for women is so easily debunked after fifty years of it’s terrible reign. Women need men – we are different, and we complement each other perfectly (as God designed us to!). And this post really brings two of my most disliked things together. Feminism (in the form of misandry, or man-hatred) and the abuse of God and His Son.

You know that I have no time for Christmas – it’s a pagan thing and nothing to do with the birth of the Son of God. However, that doesn’t mean that I would want to see hymns which are sung to honour the birth of Christ to be messed with (even if, as I say, it’s for the wrong date and festival). When you mess with anything that honours Christ in a well-meaning, even if misguided, fashion you are being disrespectful to God.

How is it possible to combine these two issues? Perhaps you didn’t know it could be done! I hadn’t even thought about it until yesterday when a woman on Twitter declared that this was the best thing ever:


Yes, women are doing it for themselves, apparently. Hmmm. Looks to me like self-aggrandisement, but there we are…

Inside this brief document we see:

womin 2

Down with men! Oh yes, because men, well, we just need more women, because boys are mean.

This is the first of their disgusting re-writes (they get more and more bawdy, and you can read them here at the Link)

womin 3

They are taking tunes from well loved hymns – some of which venerate the birth of our beloved King, and trashing them with foul and demeaning lyrics. They have no respect for Christians, and no respect for their fellow man. So much for “goodwill to all men” – they never wanted equality, they wanted to destroy men, and if they can give all of Christendom a good kicking while they’re at it, they’re even happier. This is the first verse of their re-write of In The Bleak Midwinter:


Please pray for the souls of the lyric writers (both men, by the way?!) and the backers of this piece of filth. Even as you do, or don’t, keep Christmas, the intention behind it and the well-meaning of believers who keep it is not something to be mocked. Whenever Christ is mocked, it’s offensive to Christians who are, apparently, unprotected.

Whilst we may be fully aware that believers are fighting all the wrong things at times (fighting for the right to place a cross on top of a pagan Christmas tree, for one), that is not the same as being insulting towards the Messiah directly.

When will Christians be allowed to have (and keep) nice things?

God Bless you