Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son?!

First of all, get yourself a nice big pinch of salt before we begin, because I promise you that I am not going to offer you any conclusions in this article (both because I can’t, and secondly because such speculation would be disrespectful to the dead). I want to cover some of what I have seen, and merely pass comment in the hopes of helping those of us who are awake to the deceptions of the world – whether it’s the alternative news, or the mainstream, it’s laced with lies, and those lies can be very tempting. I am not promising you anything concrete herein!

Let me begin by saying that I believe that however misguided and unwise Justin Trudeau is as a leader (and he is), I believe he is a truly beautiful individual both inside and out – more than being a pretty face, he seems to be a genuinely sweet and kind person, and I like that about him. His politics are straight out of the NWO playbook, but then so was his father’s – global communism.

Here we get to the issue of who is father really is. There has been some speculation recently¬† – it’s not something I particularly laud (in some ways I was reluctant to write about this, but you’ll see why I did in a bit).

To digress for a moment, I once had a boyfriend who, along with his brother, exemplified the ability of nature to extract diversity from two sets of genes. God designed us well – a pair of siblings often look somewhat alike, but they will always have features which their parents have. For example, Paul had his mother’s straight hair, his brother had their father’s curlier hair. Paul had his father’s teeth, his brother showed that he had his mother’s teeth. They each looked somewhat alike, but bother clearly belonged to their parents.

So let’s come to Pierre Trudeau and his wife:


And a picture of his Mum on her own:


Clearly a very beautiful woman with fabulous genes.

But why does Justin not have either of their teeth? His teeth don’t look like either Mum or dad’s teeth. Let’s take a look:


Uh oh!



castro 3.jpg

And when you compare their facial features:





They do bear a remarkable resemblance. In fact the more I look at Castro, the more I notice that he too, was a bit of a hottie. If only he hadn’t wasted his time trying to grow that straggly beard he could have conquered even more hearts and minds. That is the danger with Prime Minister cutie there….

So where am I going with all this? Is there any point to this? I would not want to insinuate that there is, in fact, any truth to this. After all, Justin had a simply stunning mother, and has clearly inherited at least some of his looks from her. You’ll have to make up your own mind if you think this speculation is important enough to matter, because what is really important is who raised this man, not any genetic inheritance he may have.

Pierre Trudeau was a multiculturalist long before the word was ever heard in the mainstream media by the likes of you and me. Justin is his son, and was raised by him. The danger Prime Minister cutie poses to the world, not just his own country, is not to be underestimated. He is like his father, and goodness knows what that really means, but frankly if these images are anything to go by, the fruit did not fall far:

Hardly delightful, are they, either of them?

Speculating about whose progeny Justin is, is far less relevant than what his policies are, and what they are doing to his country. Open doors to Muslim ‘refugees’ who are now beating up the children of the white population.

We must be wise to what men do, and not speculate too much on such gossip – whether he looks like Castro is far less important than his imminent destruction of the previously very desirable Canadian way of life. I think paying attention to that is going to prove to be far more productive for those of us who seek to see real change in this world.

God Bless you



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