Subliminal Halos of the Rich and Famous II

I found this yesterday, with thanks to Centinel2012’s blog
Ripe for prosecution….
Talks to ‘leaders from other planets’ (demons)
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks to supporters at his 2016 New Hampshire primary night rally in Hollis, New Hampshire
Great one for Cruz – oh how Glenn Beck wanted him for president (potential antichrist with his 7 Mountain Mandate beliefs?)


Cruz again – thanks to Centinel2012 for sending me this.

The deception continues – this is, I feel sure, a demonic subliminal attack on our subconscious – I certainly don’t believe in co-incidence!

Do not be fooled – these images are deliberately concocted to deceive you. There are no angels singing, that’s the warm breath of demons you can hear.

God Bless you


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