The 2016 Ritual to Morpheus

Today is Armistice Day – a day of deep occult significance that I have written about before (with great thanks to Matthew Delooze for deciphering the rituals we’ve all been taking part in for years).

Let me start by saying that we shall NOT forget them – those young men who were sacrificed by bankers, out to make a buck. We shall also NOT enter into the same Faustian pact again, on the basis of lies given to us by a media complicit in the deaths of millions.

We, who are awake, will also NOT take part in the annual ritual of to Morpheus, conducted every year on this day. I do not wear a poppy. The poppy is the symbol of Morpheus – the ritual at the Cenotaph, and other memorials across the country, is our tacit consent to stay asleep for yet another year. Not here, NOT in this house.

This year the occult is very disturbing. Here are the images from the Daily Mail:

ritual to morpheus.jpg

What is that guy doing – the one in the top right hand corner?


These are tiny, bound effigies of the dead. Do you find them disturbing to look at? You should.


These are uniquely disturbing – deeply occult – they are dead, bound up. The paper says:

Bristol: Commodore Jake Moores inspects The ‘Shroud of the Somme’ installation at Bristol Cathedral today, which depicts 19000 men who died at the Battle of the Somme

This is horrific – let’s not allow that occult power to manifest in our country.

Today, please take a moment to remember those who died so that Mr Rothschild could make a profit. Let us, in their honour, pledge that we will NEVER do it again.

God Bless you