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I’m sorry, I’m going to swear. Avert your gaze now, if you are easily upset. That F******* BITCH!

That’s better. Oh, you want to know WHY I’m so angry with Mrs Clinton? I call her Mrs Clinton because most feminists hate being called by their married name. In fact in etiquette circles she is Mrs William Clinton. Bwuhahahaha, but I digress:

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Now, I am guessing these are being made to make a point, and not advertising for military service for your precious white daughters – how interesting that these are only white girls… sending a message, or just a fluke? I don’t know. Just be aware that Hiltery wants this – she wants your daughters dead on a battlefield. She wants your sons, dead. She works for satan and his kingdom. If America is foolish enough to elect her, she will NEVER work for you. Ever. She is bought, she is paid for. She is a NWO puppet.

Oh, and before you think this whole exciting pre-election period is going to lead to a win for Donald Trump, I came across this today, and it had an uncanny ring….

A perfect metaphor for every day life – press the button, it’s a placebo.

Go read it if you like: Link

In less than a fortnight, America and the world’s fate will be sealed. God help you, my dear American friends – and God help us all.

God Bless you



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  1. I’m not voting this year because I don’t want to vote for Trump and I’m not really wanting to vote for Hillary either. I mean I do want a woman president, but I’m not sure if I would her as president. By the way, I doubt a draft would ever happen. It’s just a “scare” tactic that campaigns put out.


    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for your comment. What is it about Trump that puts you off, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m curious. I think he’s a narcissist for sure, but recently I realised that so many men that God had used to further His Kingdom in the bible were flawed, and I started to think of Trump as a bit of a King Saul sort of guy – someone who isn’t perfect, but who God has chosen anyway. Sadly Clinton is a very, very dangerous choice – there are lots of reasons for this, not least being that if you like men, she’s going to draft every single last one of them to fight for her Rothschild chums in WWIII. Too horrifying for me – if I had a vote (I’m in the UK), I’d vote Trump as there feels like there needs to be a landslide to stop Clinton crony voter fraud. I pray for your country.

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      1. I think he could turn out to be a big bully, but if I had to choose between a narcissist and a satanist (which Hitlery is – in her emails she talked about sacrificing a chicken to Moloch!), I’d go with the narcissist and hope it works out.

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