Do you talk to others about Chemtrails/ Geoengineering?

I just wanted to share that experience, and share the awful sky as well – it got worse throughout the day. What was it like where you were?

God Bless you



11 thoughts on “Do you talk to others about Chemtrails/ Geoengineering?”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lis I have just joined and am finding my way around ATM… but Geo engineering is what I’m interested in, amongst others, such as WHY are they doing this in the first place… JWO

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      1. I hope I expressed my last comment well, maybe not. It was ironic sarcasm regarding what we breathe, eat, drink, (and receive in vaccines), but I am not that good at that writing. Still, I am not going to stop.

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      2. Oh yeah – I hate to think how many of us think eating organic will save us – they don’t wash the aluminium off the grain before they harvest it! It’s just not got added glyphosate too…. We do need to try and stay healthy, inspite of what they’re doing!

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      3. Good for you. I have the same problem, trying to express this insanity into words… That will be the Aluminum at work right there! Confused Much. Still – I am not going to stop either and neither should anyone else.

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      4. I was amazed that the guy was ‘ripe’ to learn about this. I guess you have to grab those chances when they come along! If we all took those chances when they were there, this story would be more known than it is. I’m so glad you are doing this too.


  2. Does this take place in China and Russia? Congress must both know about it and make us pay for it. Like much else, people outside the law-making process create legislation that Congress signs without reading first. Or ever.

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    1. I wonder, I truly do – if it was signed off by congress, wouldn’t there be a record available to the public? Can they do that so secretly that no-one knows? I’d love to know. I do know it’s happening, and has been for well over a decade now. As for China and Russia – that I would also love to know. It seems to be all over Europe, and the States gets it even worse than we do. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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