LGBT Kiss-in held in Sainsbury’s

Whoop, whoop, sound the alarm!


Because I am going to ask a simple question. Isn’t shoving a disliked behaviour in the face of those who dislike it, bullying?

I mean if you were asexual (meaning you did not enjoy sex or have a sex drive) you might feel uncomfortable witnessing any PDAs. You might cringe at the sight of any couple kissing. No-one would force you to witness this – no-one would turn up in your house or office and demand you look at the behviour. Unless they were gay. In fact the security guard who apparently threw a gay couple out of Sainsbury’s for holding hands did so because someone complained. The complainer is probably in the minority. They’re probably not asexual, but they’re someone who finds gay men holding hands offensive. Just like I would prefer not to see cats screwing, he might prefer to not see gay men holding hands. He’s a minority. LGBT folks are bullying a fellow minority in a VERY public way.

I don’t hate gay people – I’ve had so many gay friends over the years. They were absolutely lovely and great fun. This isn’t about who you are as people. This is about using your ‘right’ to behave as you please as a battering ram to silence those who don’t like it. It’s actually diabolically insensitive. I quote from the article:

“The more we [LGBT people] hold hands, kiss, and show affection in public the more healthy we will be as a society,” he said. “People are only shocked because they have never seen two men together before. That’s how shock happens, it comes from fear.” (source)

Fear? I don’t think people are afraid of gay people.

However, I think a lot of people who don’t like to see sluts in their PJs in the local supermaket would be equally horrified to see a man in suspenders gyrating in a FOOD store!

Kiss in.jpg

This form of activism is a deeply offensive and bullying method of getting your own way. In fact the rule here seems to be that you’ll keep shoving it in our faces until we either like it, or shut up – what about that is not bullying? I’m sorry but it is.

God Bless you


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