This is how Agenda 21/2030 will be implemented

So a rich guy buys some land – a man with connections no doubt. He didn’t get where he is today without making some solid elite connections, that’s my guess. Well what does he do next?

agenda 21 2030.jpg

Yep – he decides to return it to nature, and pardon my language, but ‘screw’ the ranchers who make their living tending cattle and caring for this land.

This is how UN Agenda 21/2030 will be implemented – with the likes of Bill Gates and other rich scumbag satanists buying up the land and denying you access to it.

Remember that to Stan Kroenke, a wolf or a coyote is of more value than the children of hardworking ranchers.

Please, if you are American, make sure you find every way you can to boycott this neo-feudalist, would-be overlord who thinks he knows better than you (and the Creator, who told you you had dominion over the land and creatures, NOT the other way around!

This has really angered me (can you tell?).

God Bless you