Kalergi plan – advertised, yet ignored by the masses


This ought to put a few people off miscegenation, but I doubt it will!

This amuses me a little – I mean come on girls have you not figured out yet that black men often (very often) don’t hang around once the child arrives.

Just keep watching the press for ‘pro-miscegenation’ cues. Every Kardashian from the Mom downwards in age is busy dating a black guy. I think only one has not?

The Kalergi Plan is being slipped into your breakfast ‘news’paper. This is so that your daughters will want a b** b**** c*** – even though he’ll never be faithful to them…?

Are we really so asleep that we’ll let this happen to our beautiful race?

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  1. Wake up, peoples of Europe! "The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe"
    #Brexit #… + İlave olarak Revolution: @v_of_europe Hungary's opposition to the genocidal Kalergi plan will not be tolerated by the Zionist-controlled European Union.

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