Is Stephen Hawking just another pawn of the NWO?

This headline grabbed me the other day. It said “Will greed doom us all? Stephen Hawking warns our current view of wealth could ultimately cause the human race to perish” I quote from there: (source)

“He is better known for wrestling with the mysterious forces that shape our universe and the existential threat posed by technology.

But physicist Stephen Hawking now fears greed could be the undoing of the human race.

The University of Cambridge professor has warned that the unequal divide of wealth between individuals and countries is one of the most divisive issues of our time.

He claims envy and isolationism is being bred by the way money is currently shared and this may have contributed to the result of the European Union Brexit referendum result in Britain.”


My mind instantly recalled reading about how Stephen Hawking had been ‘replaced’ some years ago. It would make sense to keep this handy lie going, beyond the death of a truly beloved scientist of great stature. Why not replace him, and keep his ‘wisdom’ going a bit longer.


Is it possible he has been replaced? I think it’s not only possible, but likely simply due to the above fact!

Let’s look at his wedding photo:

Hawking 3.jpg

Look at his lower teeth here

Where on earth did those lower teeth in the top picture come from? I mean you would never have work done to put in such a set of false or replacement teeth, would you? You can see from the top picture of the ‘impostor’ that he looks very different.


I have to say I find it perfectly believable that to advance an agenda which is going to be believed and followed by every science-loving person, what better person could lead those people but Professor Stephen Hawking?

What do you think? You can read more about the replacement theory here: Link

God Bless you