Hillary Clinton’s health – why I do not believe she is having seizures

Hillary Clinton is a witch. I don’t think this is disputed – in her leaked emails she has written about sacrificing a chicken to Molech. Hillary Clinton also has indisputed bad health – in fact I have wondered whether she might have lung cancer for the amount of coughing she has been doing. I wanted to see her hands for any tell-tale signs, but there are none (spooning of the fingernails is a sign of lung cancer, although I understand only in later stages, and sometimes does not show up at all – it did not with my father).

So this recent speculation about whether she is having seizures I find rather bizarre. Her so-called seizures are nothing like any form of epilepsy I have ever seen or read about (and I studied this subject quite a lot many years ago).

Her head rolling and jerking are far more indicative of demonic possession, which, let’s face it, is likely in her position. All I have seen indicates a demonic origin, and not a physical one.

Like everyone else monitoring the American election run-up with ever increasing interest mingled, frankly, with dread and horror, I’ll be keeping my eye on Hillary Clinton.



I suggest we all do…. Please pray for her, I know it’s not easy, but we are called to do this.

God Bless you



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