Open-Borders Immigration as Bloodbath of the Class War

News For The Blind

Irish reporter Gearoid O Colmain, in the course of a recent interview, gives as succinct an explanation as any reader could want for why parasitic financial elites desire and get waves of mass Third World immigration into the West. His words, coming from a man of the conscientious political Left, are all the more remarkable and might for that reason find a more sympathetic hearing among those ordinarily so dismissive of discourse treating white genocide.


One of the problems for the Left, generally – and that’s to say, kind of, where I come from ideologically – is that Marxists traditionally never supported immigration. I mean, if you read works of Marx and Engels, they understood that migration, or immigration, was a tool of the [upper] class to drive down wages and to create division among the workers. And one of the reasons why the United States doesn’t have a…

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