BlackLivesMatter issues 22-page demand for reparations & a separate, super-welfare state within USA

Fellowship of the Minds

Booker T. Washington

Today, August 1, 2016, a coalition of some 60 Black organizations called the Movement for Black Lives (MBL), which claims to represent “thousands of Black people from across the country,” posted a 22-page list of “demands,” titled A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice.

According to A Vision for Black Lives, there presently is “a war” on black people in America. To redress that is the purpose of the list of demands.

The demands are radical, extensive and expansive and, if acceded to, would mean Blacks would have their own state within the United States, which would be self-governing, self-policing, but not self-financing or geographically separate because secession would mean Blacks would have to pay their own way. Instead, the Black state-within-the-state would be pockets of fully-subsidized Black communities and institutions scattered across the U.S., where Blacks would receive a guaranteed minimum…

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