What a fascinating young woman Talulah Riley is…. a NWO puppet?

I have no idea why I even clicked on the article about Talulah Riley – actress, and twice divorced ex-wife of tech billionaire Elon Musk. What could have inspired me? Well now I think she’s rather too fascinating. Really – I know just enough about the NWO to smell a big stinky rat.

Talulah had a privileged childhood in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, as the cherished only child of a senior policeman (now a TV crime series scriptwriter) and a security consultant.

An academic girl, she attended Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls in Elstree and Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s is not just any school. In fact, when the Beckhams wanted to send their sons there, former pupils took to Mumsnet to heap insults on the ‘working class’ family:

It is the esteemed private school which the Beckhams are said to be considering for their children.

However, their apparent choice of £14,000-a-year Haberdashers’ Aske’s has upset some ex-pupils, who feel the former Posh Spice and her footballer husband aren’t their sort of people.

One even criticised them for being ‘working class’ and said their sons could ‘get by with poor grades like the Royal Family’. (source)

How on earth did her parents afford to send her there I wonder?

The interview continues:

Why would someone so shy subject herself to the public gaze? ‘I didn’t intend to be an actress,’ she says. ‘It was one of many things I was interested in, and it just took off.

Really? Was she ‘handled’ into the career? I would suspect so.

She won’t elaborate on what her parents must have made of it all, but they ended up following her and relocating to LA. ‘It wasn’t a discussion [about them moving], it was just assumed. We’re really close,’ she says. ‘I’m dependent on my parents. I don’t like to be away from them.’

There’s something very childlike about Talulah, from her reliance on her parents to her fragile, Bambi-like demeanour, to her apparent naivety about how divorce proceedings work (‘I think it takes a while to finalise. There’s some legal process…’ she says vaguely). 

What did I just read? I don’t think I need to spend too much time talking about the pointers here that she may be a NWO puppet. Perhaps her parents are her handlers?

But here’s where it gets very interesting. Very, very interesting indeed:

She’s far more forthcoming about her current job as co-founder of Forrge, an app launched earlier this year that allows low-paid retail and restaurant staff in the US (similar to zero-hour contracts in the UK) to schedule their own working hours. Businesses post shifts and workers sign up for their choice of hours at companies they are approved to work for.

‘There are vast numbers of people doing these jobs who don’t know one week to the next how many hours they’re going to be working or what they’re going to earn, which makes it hard to schedule childcare or put food on the table. Hopefully we’re going to fix that,’ she enthuses.

“Businesses post shifts and workers sign up for their choice of hours at companies they are approved to work for.” Hmmm, now that is interesting, because in a world of ever increasing automation, this is how all work will be scheduled, don’t you think? What is this ditzy and ‘naive’ woman doing being the ‘face’ of an app which is designed to revolutionise working life for low paid workers? Don’t you find that odd?

I do – I see this as a neat facade – a pretty face on a horrible, nightmarish truth – that in fact all that workers will be able to get in the automated world of manufacturing to come is zero-hours contracts requiring them to be scheduled via their smart phone for their shifts at numerous facilities and businesses to make ends meet. Sounds pretty much what the NWO would want, don’t you think? I do – so why is Tallulah Riley the face of it? Is it to make it more palatable? I think it might be…. and I think it’s worth keeping an eye on this young lady.

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