Virginity – why it is important to God

I came across this image the other day – in fact as I scrolled down I found two – I’ll share them both here:

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So, is it odd that God cares what you do with your body, ladies? I am going to give you the apologetics for this, even though, really I’m not a fan of that process, because I believe obedience is so much simpler. There are many things which God says to do, and to not do, and He doesn’t take a lot of time to explain why. We are learning why in some cases, because science has caught up with some of these things, but that is absolutely no reason to wait for science to tell you that eating Pork is bad for you – if God tells you to do something, you should do it (if it’s within your power and is a personal thing you can do – i.e. dietary law, remaining a virgin).

Ok, so we’re all horrified that God says to kill women who aren’t virgins – why does He say this? Well science now has a possible explanation which might satisfy the extremist Atheists out there who simply don’t want to be told what to do by anyone, least of all God!

It’s that women may be carrying the DNA of their former sexual partners:

“When a woman breaks up with a man, she usually wants every remnant of him removed from her life. A new study suggests that, try as she might, there may be one last piece of him that she’s stuck with for good: his DNA. A study from Australia has managed to prove that fly offspring are able to resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner, even when conceived with their father’s sperm.

The idea of telegony, or previous mates influencing a woman’s offspring, has been around for centuries. It was first proposed by the Greek philosopher Aristotle and was accepted as science until the early 1900s when it was disproved and replaced by more modern genetic theory, according to the study’s press release. Unfortunately, the theory was largely used as a fear tactic to prevent women from copulating with different races or lower classes, but the study suggests the theory may have some elements of truth — for flies, at least.” (source)

But, I hear you cry – that’s just for FLIES! Well, we don’t know that yet, and indeed in other ways it’s been proven that some women carry male DNA if they’ve been pregnant with a male child (even if that child was miscarried), but some women even carried the male DNA without ever being pregnant! I quote:

“Scientists have discovered that a sizeable minority of women have Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. This is interesting because as you may know, Y-chromosomes are the chromosomes that belong to men, so ladies, what are they doing there, and where did they come from? […]

In the study, they took samples from 120 women who had never had sons. They found that 21% of these women had male DNA. The women were then categorized into 4 groups according to pregnancy history: Group A had only daughters, Group B had had one or more miscarriage(s), Group C had induced abortions, and Group D had never been pregnant before. The prevalence of male michrochimerism was considerably greater in Group C, although it was still present in each group: Group A 8%, Group B 22%, Group C 57%, and Group D 10%.

The conclusions of this study noted that the possible sources of male michrochimerism included known pregnancies, miscarriages, vanished male twins, or sexual intercourse. This means that through intercourse alone there is a potential for women to hold onto male genes and DNA within their organs and blood stream for their entire life!” (source)

Doesn’t that make you think? God KNEW this would be the case, and that when a man and woman are intimate they become one flesh – the bible tells us that. It’s not a happy thought for those of us who have made a few mistakes in life, I can tell you. However, God is a God of mercy and of Grace (which I rely on for those past things which I cannot change). I wonder, in fact, if this is another reason for some of the infertility going on today? That God is denying children to those who have too much DNA from former lovers in their bodies. It’s not every woman who carries this, and we can say that a condom protects (I’m not so sure it does – after all, intimate is intimate….) – I just think it’s very important to acknowledge that God meant what He said and knew WHY He said it!

Ideally you would marry your first love and remain together always – but life is not perfect, even if you were raised in church (and I was not). I think this information ought to make any woman think twice about casual sex, and consider the possibility that the olden days way of keeping yourself for marriage was a much better thing.

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God Bless you