Germany’s bloodless coup continues

Yep – another atrocity that never was. I’m referring to the Ansback ‘suicide bomber’. We can breathe a sigh of relief that, presumably, no-one was killed, or if they were, it wasn’t by anyone blowing themselves up, because, well, there’s no blood. NOT A SPOT!

So let me get this straight. He blew himself up yet there is not one broken window to show, not one spot of blood on the pavement, let alone up the wall, and they actually brought in a hearse to remove his remains? Really? I would have thought a dustpan and brush was more appropriate! People who blow themselves up usually make a big mess.

Everything is clean clean clean – not a spot of blood anywhere.

ansbach false flag.jpg

In none of the day or nighttime photos can you see any sign of debris or blood. FALSE FLAG.

This is what is would look like if it had happened:

More than 40 killed in Yemen suicide bombing
Yemen suicide bombing

This is a real bloodless coup people. Truly the government and presumably the emergency services too, are taking part in a massive psyop on the people. I don’t know how else to interpret this – because it’s clearly fake. AGAIN!

One question I have is why we do not have scene-of-crime officers speaking out against these false flags – are they really so well paid they’d keep schtum?

God Bless you



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