Machete attack in Germany – again, everything is as it appears….

… if you’re actually looking. I’m sighing as I write this because I’m so TIRED of the apparent ‘game’ now. It’s depressing!

machete false flag.jpg

Hmmm, let’s take a quick look a bit closer:

Where is the blood? That machete appears to be clean.


The ‘perp’ – he’s been hit by a car. After ‘hacking’ a woman to death, he’s got no blood on his clothes. Only a bump on his head bleeding.


Germany attack
Scene of the ‘victim’ – where is the blood? – not a splatter on the pavement – no blood anywhere.

Years ago I used to belong to a humour forum where a common acronym was ‘POGTFO’ – which stood for ‘pics or get the f*** out’ – in other words, show us pictures or it didn’t happen. It came back to me today because we keep being given ‘pics’, but when you examine them, no it didn’t happen – certainly not as we’re being told.

I call false flag on this one. Depressing though that is – and it’s not because I WANT these things to be real, I just hate that we’re being lied to. Germany now has armed police on the streets – yes really. So all this was for that agenda?

The NWO continues apace, and I need to keep writing about it while I’m still allowed to.

God Bless you



4 thoughts on “Machete attack in Germany – again, everything is as it appears….”

    1. Yep – it’s so important for us to all LOOK at these pictures and really assess if they are what they appear to be. I understand we don’t want to see something unpleasant, but we’re being LIED TO here. *speechless* Thanks so much for your comment!


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