Inescapable irony – Pokemon Go vs. the coming crash

Take a quick look at this screengrab I took this morning:


Yes, it’s about Pokemon Go – and the line to read is ‘That there will be further augmented reality games seems in no doubt….’ – for any of you who haven’t twigged yet, ‘augmented reality’ is fantasy! But the really important thing to note is the juxtaposition with a ‘promoted’ story – Jim Rickards Warns: Next Financial Crash Imminent.

Oh the irony!

Whatever you think of Jim Rickards, we all know, lovely readers, that a crash is overdue.

You are also probably already aware that Pokemon Go is demonic. If you aren’t sure about that take a quick watch of this very disquieting video:

This is the effect of Pokemon Go ‘augmented reality.’

The demons in Pokemon Go have specific ‘powers’ and the idea is to catch them and then use them against other players. This is very much a demonic act.

But it’s all fun, they cry!

Pokemon Go and other games will be a distraction to those who take part, as well as an open door to the works of satan in their lives. I know they won’t want to hear that, and I’m an old fuddy-duddy, but looking back you will know – we are going to watch the destruction of this generation combined with the worst financial crash in hisroty. It’s not going to be pretty.

God Bless you