Carnage and Cover-Up

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What follows is a documented authentic eyewitness account. The accredited report is that of Leonora Geier (nee Cavoa born October 22, 1925, Sao Paulo, Brazil). It was placed before Dr. Trutz Foelsche, Ph. D. Present was Bernard Wassmann, Reiner Halhammer, Manfred Haer, Kyrrill Wratilavo. Witnesses confirm that the Leonora Geier made this report without any coercion, threats or outside influence. The German-Brazilian national was motivated solely by the desire to make the terrible events of the time known to posterity.

The report, drawn up on October 6, 1955, covers events of February 16, 17 and 18, 1945. At the time this witness was employed as a typist in Camp Vilmsee administered by the Women’s Labor Service RAD. Before the expulsions Leonore Geier resided in Bahnstrasse 8, Hirschberg, Thuringia. Being a Brazilian national she was considered by the Russian forces to be an ally forced into labor in the service…

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  1. If this isn’t the most horrible and upsetting thing you’ve read in a long time, well I don’t have words. This evil is beyond measure. These Godless monsters will one day have to face the judgement seat of Christ!


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