Black Lives Matter racism and violence spreads to the UK – policeman stabbed

I’m not going to cover this in-depth – after all, what is there to usefully say? This situation shouldn’t even be possible, but when you educate Blacks into a ‘chip-on-the-shoulder’ mentality, it is because you want to DISempower them in their own lives. If everything that is wrong with their lives is ‘whitey’s’ fault’ then they don’t even have to try! Sadly the facts are that Blacks generally have lower IQs and commit more crimes. I’m sorry that it’s the truth, but I’m not going to allow my compassion to turn into ‘enabling’ by saying that the police shouldn’t stop you or question you, or that they should treat you better than whites because of the colour of your skin. It’s not rocket science. That would be racism. Plain and simple. I say this without hate – I love all people, but I don’t love them so much that I want to coddle them with lies. After all, unlike so many Black activists who have been paid to do so, I am not being paid to lie to you. You feel victimised, then play by the rules of society and stop committing crime. The police will stop ‘harassing’ you if you do.

Right – here it is:

goodbye London b

The comments were very interesting, and I screengrabbed the first few to show you:

goodbye London

I hope you can read them OK.

Where has all this anti-white racism come from? It’s come from ‘social engineers’ who have a plan to cause mayhem. I’m pretty sure they know they can’t get us to go fight for Rothschild this time round. Let’s face it, how many of our youngsters are even fit enough to do that? No, this time, they’ll bring the war home. Yep – race war, or Holy war. Or both! The state will still take the goodies afterwards, and really the only vital thing that you need to know is that as long as you give up all your rights you’ll be completely safe! HAHAHAHAHA!

We can only say ‘It won’t work.’ We can only resist with both love (proper firm, teaching, compassionate love) and with the help of He who is within us, who is greater than he who is within the world.

Please pray for the end to this racism called Black Lives Matter – ALL LIVES MATTER!

God Bless you