Theresa May (White Feminist, White Freemason, Zionist) Shills for Jews and Israel

News For The Blind

(GLARING Hypocrisy) Since the announcement that Theresa May would succeed David Cameron as British Prime Minister, the Jewish press have been writing up a self-congratulatory storm about the “Good News” — that the new, unelected Prime Minister is a true friend of Israel and the wider Jewish community. See herehereherehere and here.

The sentiments expressed are summed up by a Haaretz article entitled,“Britain’s Next Prime Minister Is Welcome News for the Jewish Community”, in which the author states:

Naturally, none of them have expressed their views in open, but Theresa May was the clear favorite of the Jewish community.

Shortly after Cameron’s announcement, May solidified her reputation by signing her name to a rather particular pledge. The Jewish Chronicle writes:

In what is thought to be her first act as Prime Minister-in-waiting, Mrs May signed a pledge launched by the Holocaust…

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