This is why we are screwed

Do excuse my language, but today I want to just juxtapose these two images. The title of this post says it all.

What we have:

pajama boy
Pajama Boy

What we need:

Boers during the Boer War

We’re screwed.

Oh and as a final aside to this post. My ex was a former military man in his fifties. He was diabetic and partially disabled. However he said the next war would be an old man’s war – only old men had what it takes to put right the mistakes of the last forty years.

I think there’s something in that.

He also said that survival, in the event of collapse, would come down to one man and one woman – that a man and a woman together have the skill set necessary to survive. Another trick of the ‘feminist’ movement is to shift women as far away from their instincts as possible – would any feminist support these Boers today?

War is coming – being machinated for. Collapse is coming, and yet I am alone. God help us all!

God Bless you



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