Handed on a plate to Theresa May – the UK

Andrea Leadsom has bowed out of the race to be PM. The smear campaign against her was orchestrated by a (((media))) which had already chosen May to lead, and was prepared to use disgustingly underhand tactics to ensure it.

Theresa May is pledging ‘serious social reform’, and truly I say God help us all! Her work as Home Secretary brought in more and more draconian rules and regulations. Her words have a chilling echo of Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ – whatever the public want, May is there to deliver us into the hands of the Cabal.

Here she is, in case you hadn’t seen this before, simpering before a synagogue having just handed £11.5 Million of tax payer’s money to the Community Security Trust, which is the Jew’s private security and intelligence-gathering organisation.

theresa may crowned



What bothers me most is the thought that we are one step closer to this triumvirate:

hubble bubble

Only Clinton to go, and we’ll have our three ‘witches’ (Clinton is known to be a witch).

If this bothers you and you wonder where the men are, I’ve got you covered: Link


I have no more words for this.

God Bless you



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  1. Disappointing news but keep praying and don’t give up! Good post and nice touch with images of May in black with black hat! 🎃 UK needs to look to God for help just like we do in the US.🇬🇧🇺🇸

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