A juxtaposition of the hypocrits

I don’t have much to say about the issue of Black Lives Matter – I think the whole thing is a psyop from start to finish, and the real hypocrites are the blacks themselves who don’t even see they are being played! You don’t think so?

A genuine tweet from Planned Parenthood

Oh but hang on….


Haha sukaz – you are being USED – think Obama likes you because he’s black – think he cares about you? This is all a stupid psyop and you’re getting to do what you like to do – commit violent crimes against whites because ONLY when a white cop kills a black do you care. When it’s black on black you don’t give a stuff. When it’s your unborn child you are glad to get rid. You are useful idiots and I feel sorry for you – right now I think we are all aprey to that. The powers that be are USING you against the whites, and you are so racist you don’t care.


White cops are NOT your enemy. You are your own worst enemy.



I also really recommend you watch this excellent video by Stefan Molyneux:

All Lives Matter!

God Bless you