Mayoress might be charged for “offense” for opposing White South African genocide

Councillor Heather Venter, a former mayoress of Driffield in Yorkshire, England, is being called a “racist” and a “nazi” by online media, as well as a left-wing politician seeking criminal charges for several messages she wrote on Twitter. […]

George McManus, a member of the Beverley and Holderness Labour Party says that Cll Venter’s tweets and liked posts are “designed to cause offense.

I intend to ask Humberside Police to consider whether or not they constitute an offense under section 127(1) of the 2003 Communications Act” he said.

Cll Venter responded to these attacks with: “I lived in South Africa. There was a protest, a march in London, about White genocide, because farmers are getting murdered every week.

It beggars belief I have 59,800 likes – doesn’t it make you think it is a concerted effort to get at me?

It’s all over Facebook apparently. It said I was a Nazi and I should be made to resign.

I could ask the police whether it is an offence that someone local has said I am a Nazi. It’s a two way thing. I could be accusing them of libel, assassination of character. I just find it all pathetic.

There you have it. An innocent woman is attacked for standing up for her beliefs. Read more →

Source: Mayoress might be charged for “offense” for opposing White South African genocide