The problem with a poisoned chalice is that it comes with a chalice

Look’ee here!


Pretty ain’t it?

Well the problem with a poisoned chalice is that it comes with a chalice. If the chalice looks good, well let’s not worry about the consequences too much, shall we?

The poisoned chalice I’m referring to is the soon to open Rio Olympics. Oh yeah – what a boon to a poor country – let’s spend $10 BILLION we don’t have in order to keep up with the ‘Jones’s’ – let’s take a quick jog down memory lane. Ah sweet Olympics past….

Sarajevo hosted the Olympics in 1984, ten years before the civil war broke out
Athens went $15 BILLION dollars OVER BUDGET preparing for the 2004 Olympics
greece abandoned.jpg
The Greek facilities are abandoned today
greece abandoned 2.jpg
Plans to turn the place into social housing fell through

Looks pretty grim doesn’t it? See the rest of the images here

So Rio is about to get under way, but wait! What’s that?

Rio olympics.jpg
This is before things begin!
rio olympics 2.jpg
This is not good!

Brazil is suffering before the games even get under way, and I believe, all of this is just for the PRIDE of their leaders! What nation needs to host the Olympics? If ever I saw a poisoned chalice, this is one!

If a country has homelessness, pollution, poverty, poor education, poor healthcare or any other deficiency, then taking on the Olympics is utterly treasonous towards their own people! I feel sorry for Brazilians – they are now saddled with a debt their government took on for show, for pride. Look at Greece and other countries who have taken on the Olympics!

As a final note, I believe these Olympic games are set up only for one purpose – to perform public occult ceremonies around the world. There’s that phoenix again (this was London 2012 Olympics:

london olympics.jpg
Phoenix rising from the flames

You can read more about the phoenix here

You can read more about the occult significance of the London Olympic ceremony here

I hope and pray that Brazil can recover from this. Whoever persuaded them to put themselves forward to be Olympic hosts has done a disservice to the people of Brazil. I know I have Brazilian visitors to this blog regularly – please tell me what you think of your country taking on this Olympic debt – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of what you are seeing on the ground.

God Bless you