What are you doing to counteract the darkness today?

Just a thought, because 12,000 misguided idolaters went to Stonehenge today (apparently the solstice was yesterday due to the leap year, but no matter!). They went to Stonehenge today and, inadvertently or not, gave their energy, their time, their fealty to the demonic realm.(source)


Across the world, satanists use this important day as a day to sacrifice humans. It does still happen, even if we hate to think of it.

The occult draws energy from these activities and this time is celebrated. A churchyard was ‘vandalised’ – defiled, to be more correct, just a couple of days ago, with satanic symbols. (source)

So did you choose to do something differently today? Was there something you thought you should do differently to counteract that darkness?

I won’t share what I chose to do – what I felt God put on my heart for today, but this day is a particular time to take more effort to pray – we can only use the weapons we have against the ever increasing darkness!

One good snippet from the Stonehenge article was that 25,000 people were expected, yet only around 12,000 came on the day – one reason mooted for this is that English Heritage had banned alcohol there this year. So perhaps booze was the main attraction for some….

Let’s all remember on this day the need for prayer vigilance, remembering to proclaim that Jesus has overcome the world!


God Bless you



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  1. Excellent! Lord, You are in perfect authority over the UK. Raise and consecrate those who arent intimidated by the works of the Enemy. Raise those to pray, praise, to cry, to bless Your UK! I ask this by the perfect authority of the Lord; Jesus Christ!

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