Duper’s delight?

You need to see this and let me know what you think. This is Jo Cox MP’s sister speaking to the press, with no tears, and then right at the end, this grin slips across her face – it has to be duper’s delight (if you’ve not heard that phrase before, watch this video). Take a look (if the video gets taken down let me know – I have a copy of it I can upload 😉 )

This comment I read today really sends this message about these false flags home:

“From the very beginning of these ‘mass shootings’ I have found the grief of the actors not just to be shitty acting, but also bizarre. They do not act grief out properly, skipping to the last stage of grief within 24-48 hours. The ‘victims’ families seem eerily okay with it all within a very short space of time. If they wanted this to look real, then they would show what looks like real grief surely? They would have real snotty-nosed distraught people, as crying isn’t pretty, and real grief is heartbreaking to witness and people can sound like howling, grunting animals trying to attain breath. They will often be in shock, silent, dazed and unable to talk. They will pace, rant, and try to console themselves. Watching real grief sticks in your throat and sinks your heart. Grieving people who have been shocked by the death of a loved one do not sit and smile telling you about how good the victim was, and how they forgive the perpetrator and how guns are the only problem.” (source)

Put yourself in their shoes, like I said before maybe they’re hopped up on tranquillisers, but the grin shows me it’s fake – it’s all a lie. That’s duper’s delight if I ever saw it. I could not imagine being capable of being seen by the press within a WEEK of the shock death of a relative let alone within 48 hours, dry eyed and smiling. This is unnatural at best, and at worst it’s a crime against the British people, perpetrated to prevent us getting out of the EU as we wish to.

After writing this yesterday, I found another video of Jo’s ‘sister’ speaking to camera, and I have to say it’s even more obvious how much she is smiling.

God Bless you