An Update on Karin Smith – a vocal and vital campaigner for South African whites

Karin was one of the first people I ever heard speak about the horrors of South Africa’s white genocide. She spoke bravely about the, frankly, unspeakable – even though it upsets her to talk about the tortures and murders which take place daily there.

Karin moved to the US with her American husband, but a while ago was hit while in her car, side on, by an illegal, and she was injured badly. She has now begun surgery to fix the damage. She is convalescing right now from the first round of surgery, but has more to go, and needs some financial support and, of course, prayers!

I pray that God will keep her strong, heal her quickly, and enable her to continue her vital work – we require people like Karin, for the news to get out, and for us to remain well informed on things happening in South Africa which the mainstream news will not talk about (or allow the public to mention).

Please go to to make a donation, or you can donate direct to her through her paypal email address which is – her show will also go off the air soon without support, so please find it in your heart (and wallet!) to assist in keeping this most vital message going. Until we all know the truth of what is happening in South Africa, and are moved to do something about it, the job is not done.

Karin’s personal update can be found here:

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God Bless you