I like to keep an open mind, but….

I like to keep an open mind, and before I became a Christian I found it easy to debate almost any viewpoint and see almost any person’s situation. I am empathic, so it’s hard for me to NOT see someone else’s viewpoint, frankly.

However, when God rocked up and showed me that He is real, that changed things – it changed me. I had to accept that it was time to get to know God on His terms, not on mine (I’d spent years as a New Ager happily thinking I knew something about God – I didn’t).

So I began to read His word – the bible, and goodness it was slow to begin with – I was very tentative, because frankly I wasn’t very comfortable with that. Over time, however, I have felt so BLESSED by His word, and the truth it contains. It means that in any given situation, while I can open my mind and look at things, I know the importance of closing it again around the truths of God and His word. This is actually very comforting, because it means that I don’t get caught up in the emotion – God’s word is rational!

Right now that means that I can look at His word, and with compassion I can see all that is happening in the world, and feel secure in the truth. I am not swayed by emotive arguments which appeal only to irrationality. I can love, and I can feel compassion without having to take that person’s views on board as my own and get carried along by them.

I am safe in the word of God.

I wrote this for the daily challenge prompt ‘Open’ – I hope it will open other’s minds to the blessings of God’s word.

God Bless you



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