Pondering Orlando and love

So love wins, huh? That’s what the social media jockeys want us to believe. They want us to feel bad (worse) because those who died this time are gay people.

First of all, I see no bodies or blood (not that I want to, you understand) – this looks to me to be a false flag YET AGAIN.

We shouldn’t be surprised – there is an agenda at work, and people are making capital out of it.

No tears – I watched the same woman interviewed outside the nightclub on the night itself – no tears. None. For her son.

It’s all so fake fake fake. So I’m going to leave the shooting aspect there – if you’re American and you’re reading this you probably already know you’ve been played by Obama yet again. If you don’t know that, it’s time to suspect it, and do your own research.

I’m moving on now to this whole ‘love wins’ nonsense.

Nonsense? Now dare I? I dare.

Love is NOT acceptance. I’m sorry it is NOT! Not if that acceptance means acceptance of your SIN! Love can and should accept imperfection – wives, your husbands don’t do ‘cleaning’ the way you do – accept it! 🙂 But sin?

Wife, let me ask you, if your husband was a violent alcoholic would you say ‘love wins’ and accept his behaviour? No! You would want him to acknowledge his sin and seek help to deal with it.

In my time I have had many gay friends, and I loved them all – this was long before I became a Christian. Do I suddenly HATE them now because I’m a Christian? NO! I hate their sin, but I love them!

So let us not love to the point of acceptance sin, because if we do we will find ourselves (oops too late, we already have) acquiescing to that sin, and in the process we lose the right to speak essential truths from the Bible – the word of God!

Homosexuality is a sin unto death. I don’t think anyone at all died in the fake Orlando shooting, but if anyone did that is very sad – we should pray for their families and community.

We must also remember, however, that acceptance is not always the most loving thing we can do – in many ways it is an indulgence which leads to exactly where we have come to in our societies.

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God Bless you