Communism – the politics of envy and musings on some Kenyan Missionaries

South African Blacks had not spend time creating a written language, let alone building houses when the Whites arrived. Yet now, the Black ANC Communist government there wants to expropriate not just the LAND settled by Whites, but their entire homes – buildings that were never the property of anyone BUT those who built them. Just take a look at the result of the politics of envy in South Africa – before and after a farm is handed to Blacks.


Blacks are not, and never have been, farmers. South Africa will starve before these idiots think to consider the impact of expropriation laws.

I feel so much for the South African Boer Farmers.


Please pray that God will HEAR our prayers for them, and their prayers for their country.

I want to add to this – I wrote this piece yesterday and didn’t get round to posting it. When I went to church yesterday evening, part of the evening was devoted to a series of messages from people who know the church and who are elsewhere in the world right now. The first was from a couple who are out in Kenya as missionaries. Well their video showed things as they really are on the ground.

The husband, talking to camera, says that at first they tried to grow enough Maize that the whole village would be fed. Then they realised that the community had become dependent on them. So they decided to use their bull to plough land for the villagers so that they themselves could grow enough Maize to feed themselves. Then they realised, he said, that the villagers had become dependent on them for the use of the bullock. So then they tried to help the villagers by encouraging them to own and look after their own cattle for this purpose. They have also encouraged the villagers to form a cooperative, which they have facilitated by setting up meetings to get them together to do this, allowing them to make a profit from their produce. The locals are very pleased with this.

My question: When will the white man realise that these African Blacks do not have it in them to better themselves? It is clear from what this White missionary was saying that in order to trade, in order to have even enough food for the village they had needed the input of an organising missionary couple! What does this say about the politics of greed in South Africa? These Blacks are not made of the same stuff as we are – they are mostly nomadic hunter gatherers. Their IQ is very much lower than the average White.

I am happy for this village that they have had this help, but let’s not allow our Europe to be swamped by Blacks with only enough get-up-and-go to leave their country which they could not make great themselves. Blacks in Africa have been sitting on some of the very best land the world has to offer, yet they have not travelled to trade, built factories, built houses in the main, created a written language, written books, nor created any philosophy – no wonder they were ripe for Communism’s evil claws!

I am grateful that this missionary couple are able to help this village, but I also wonder what kind of conversion they can hope to achieve in people who are so easily dependent on them. Dependency on God is what they need, yet that requires faith, which I can only hope they are able to really connect with.

In the meantime, it is clear that, in South Africa at least, the politics of envy is busy stealing the hard work of Whites, and for what? If every time Blacks get their hands on the ‘goodies’ they see the Whites have built and maintained for years, they allow them to fall into rack and ruin, the country will starve. I honestly have to say I suspect the Blacks are not bright enough to understand, in the main, what it takes to keep a property maintained. Very sad.

God Bless you